Channel: Las Vegas shooting was a CIA experiment to collect human trauma, chaos, and interaction data for large organizations

According to Deéte, Stephen Paddock was contracted to be part of a secret government experiment to induce trauma and chaos on the night of 1 October


(INTELLIHUB) — Buckle your seat belts for one of the most interesting and wildest stories you may ever hear in regards to the 1 October Las Vegas shooting.

Former Mormon turned channeller Deéte posted a video on YouTube titled Channeling Stephen Paddock several weeks after the attack in which she claims to have channelled the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock from the other side where she asked him about his involvement in the government-sponsored black operation.

According to Deéte, the alleged 1 October shooter Stephen Paddock’s spirit has been “quarantined” in a state of limbo and is now “at peace” after the 64-year-old gambler allegedly turned killer reportedly fired 1200 rounds at country music concertgoers from his 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay hotel suite killing 58.

The psychic maintains that during the session a dead Paddock explained to her that it all started when he met a European-looking man (American citizen) at a bar one night where the two had an unrestricted “free-flowing” casual conversation in which the man with Middle Eastern ties told Paddock that he induces crisis for a living and uses the experimentation data to analyze peoples behavior during crisis events and through chaos. The Psychic said that the man told Paddock that the data is then brought to organizations that want to know how chaos and trauma affects a large scope of change, implementation, and regulation (possibly connected to the High Incident Project).

Deéte said Paddock told her that he remembers looking down at his drink during his conversation with the man when he realized that he was feeling “very relaxed” and “fuzzy.” That’s when, according to the channel, Paddock decided to “go to the bathroom” as things got “hazy.” (Drugged?)

Apparently channeling Paddock’s soul the psychic translated what he told her aloud: “When I came back things felt very hazy but I wanted to know more — I wanted to know more about, you know, what does this entail?,” she explained. “Why would you endure such trauma on people? I was very curious and intrigued with this — a part of me kinda wanted to know what does all of this entail.”

Paddocks spirit: “My mind was at a state where I was unable to process how dark this could be, how dark this was leading to. I didn’t see perhaps the darker agenda in this man, perhaps. We were having a casual conversation at this point. We had several conversations prior and so I felt like we were just talking as two men. I didn’t understand that I was attempted to be recruited at this point.”

According to the woman, a deceased Paddock told her that the government hires on this man to conduct secret covert black projects in which he is an organizer of the participants of those who will “create the trauma.”

Deéte explains that Paddock felt like he wanted to be “part of this plan” because it was putting him “in a position of empowerment.”

Paddock’s spirit: “I liked this man’s approach, he seems educated, he seemed intelligent and I wanted to work with him. I wanted to be a part of what he was doing and I I felt that the way he was presenting it was sort of like an experiment and we’re hired on by very official organizations that pay for our time and efforts and I said, hey, I think that that is a good plan I would like to get in.”

Channel: “I’m sorry he’s showing me some visuals. He started showing me visuals of the CIA and for some reason, he felt like that specific organization intrigued him — he felt like, hey, I could be helping the CIA, I could be helping, you know, to bring some intelligence with these experiments and it seems interesting.”

According to the channel, Paddock did not realize during his meeting with the man that he would be murdering innocent people if he chose to accept the man’s invitation to be part of the trauma-inducing experiment which he did. However, the channel explained that at the time Paddock did not know what kind of trauma would need to be induced.

Soon after, the channel maintains that Paddock’s spirit told her that he “was feeling very wiped out and very drowsy at the time” and told the man that he needed to go at which point the man handed Paddock a card with his contact information.

Spirit of Paddock: “He took my information and I took his card and we sort of took our different ways that night. And so, about a week later he called me and asked if I was still interested and I said sure, yeah, it sounds like something I would be interested in and he said I needed to fill out some paperwork […] for this.”

Channel: “He’s showing me like a bulletproof vest. […] There was some paperwork that he is showing me with a seal, he is showing me getting like a bulletproof vest, just different supplies it looks like — he was called to go to a shooting range with his bulletproof vest and met some of the people there. He said there were a lot of Middle Eastern people […] there were a lot of foreigners but I would consider myself one of the only true full-blooded Americans.”

The channel explained it was at that point when Paddock realized that he would be shooting people.

Spirit of Paddock: “This is a government operation. Some will be shooting real bullets, some won’t. […] the idea of working with the military and getting in with secret coops was interesting. […] It was very organized to where I didn’t have a compassion to me.”

A dead Paddock then allegedly explained to Deéte that if he would have backed out “there would have been repercussions” but didn’t see his death as a “huge possibility at that point.”

Additionally, a dead Paddock allegedly told the channel that he was lead to believe that the foreign commander of the operation was “hired by our government […] and had been brought over to help our government.”

Spirit of Paddock: “As you probably understand now there were multiple of us.”

“There were three rooms to his knowledge with two people each,” the channel said. “He said that there was one other with me and there were two other rooms that he knew of with at least two per room.”

When the channel asked the spirit of Paddock about the ground shooters Deéte said Paddock told here that the “ground shooters placed strategically but able to evacuate quickly. It was all organized. These type of things operate heavy with military strategy and with that they sort of know how they are going to go in and how this is going to play out. […] How are people as a collective going to respond to chaos. The government is interested in this and it’s not just the government there were more [agencies] beyond this. […] The government is what enticed me to work with these people. […] I felt like I was going to go to battle or to war but I felt like I was doing something beneficial in a sense and that’s what my mind told me and that’s what I went with. I’m sorry folks.”

Going back to the day of 1 October, a dead Paddock allegedly told Deéte that he didn’t think that he was “supposed to die” and maintained that “some things did not go according to plan.”

Spirit of Paddock: “I believe that they were going to kill me after but some things transpired to where they felt that they had to kill me there on the spot.” […] I’m not going to go into detail because I don’t want to get anybody in trouble. […] There was something that went ‘quote’ wrong with the plan and that’s why I ended up dying as I did. I’m glad it happened. I’m glad it happened that way.”

Moreover, Deéte said that Paddock’s spirit is in some sort of “quarantine” and is “forbidden” to interact with any of the victims. “It is being held from interaction,” she explained.

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