Charlotte’s Web: A new strain of medical marijuana designed for kids with epilepsy

Marijuana containing the active ingredient ascannabidiol instead of THC will hit dispensaries sometime in 2015 as epileptic patients await it

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — Doctors and parents alike are excited about a new strain of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web that will not get the patient high, and will serve as a means of medication for children suffering from epilepsy and other seizure type conditions.

The custom strain has and ingredient known ascannabidiol which is different from THC and has no euphoria-like effects, according to reports.

In fact, reported:

Charlotte’s Web is probably the best medicine available to help cut the number and severity of seizures, said Dr. Krista Lee Colletti, a pediatrician at Aspen Pediatrics in Reno.

“Especially for children with certain kinds of seizures, we really don’t have any (other) kinds of medications that help,” Colletti said.

It’s amazing that the medical industry avoided medical marijuana as a treatment for so long.