Charlottesville residents fed-up with their city council

Chaos erupted at the first city council meeting since the deadly rally in Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virgina (INTELLIHUB) — City Council members were shocked to find out that they could not conduct business as usual after scores of angry residents showed up in attendance to Tuesday’s meeting where they attempted to communicate their grievances to officials.

Residents chanted “shame, shame, shame […]” as three people were removed from the meeting for expressing their views on the recent violence and hatred which has rippled through the community since the deadly rally on August 12.

Two residents held of a banner while standing on top of the council’s bench which read: “Blood on your hands.”

“I knew that girl. You let her get murdered,” one man told council members. “KKK and neo-Nazis can come here and say whatever they want but citizen fools here can’t. That’s ridiculous — you just dragged out three people because they were expressing their freedom of speech. It’s terrible.”

The meeting was suspended until Thursday night.

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