Chemical plant owner charged with possession of WMDs

It appears that authorities may have finally tracked down the mysterious source of loud booms which residents have been reporting for several months

BUCKS COUNTY, Penn. (INTELLIHUB) — A local chemical plant owner was arrested on Thursday after over 30 explosions had shaken up and terrorized local residents for months.

Law enforcement officials took David Surman Jr. into custody on Tuesday charging him with possession of weapons of mass destruction.

CBS 3’s Greg Argos tweeted: “BREAKING: Suspect in bombing named: David W. Surman Jr. DOB: 10/14/87. He owned both the home and a chemical business. He is currently at the PSP barracks in Dublin and will be arraigned around 430p here in Richland Twsp.”

Buck’s County District Attorney Matt Weintraub explained to reporters that a “large” device was recovered from the suspect’s place of business.

“This was what we believe to be a large bomb that was capable of mass destruction,” the D.A. explained.

Needless to say, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agents searched far and wide for additional devices and eventually performed a total of four controlled explosions near the suspects Springfield home, two of which were reported by Argos.

To boot, strange hateful drawings and pictures were also recovered by authorities, as CBS Philly reports:

Besides other bombs and chemicals, agents uncovered strange drawings and pictures, some with hate symbols, and others showing Surman Jr. and his girlfriend driving away from a bombing scene.

Surman is being held on a $750,000 bond but only needs to put up $75k at 10 percent.

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