Chief Los Zetas Drug Lord Dead – Trained by Government


By Shepard Ambellas
October 12, 2012

PROGRESSO, MEXICO — Tuesday, government trained criminal drug kingpin Heriberto Lazcano’s of the Los Zetas was killed and checked into a morgue facility where investigators took identifying fingerprints and photos.

Soon after armed, Zetas personnel stormed the morgue with force, retrieving the body of the dead kingpin.

Heriberto, a 37 year old special forces commando trained by the government was said to have went rouge at some point joining the Zetas.

Heriberto was killed in a firefight about two hours south of the Texas border in Progresso, a small town of about 3000 residents.

His death could fuel an internal battle within the Zetas breaking the group up especially after a second Zetas criminal leader was captured and arrested one day prior. reported;

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Mexican marines have arrested a Los Zetas drug cartel leader allegedly linked to more than 300 killings across the country, including the massacre of 72 illegal immigrants and the murder of US tourist David Hartley, Milenio reported today.

Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo, nicknamed “The Squirrel,” was paraded in front of the media in Mexico City on Monday morning after he was captured following a gunfight on Saturday in Nuevo Laredo, a border city in the northern state of Tamaulipas,El Universal reported.

“Squirrel is credited with being the mastermind of the deaths of 72 undocumented migrants in San Fernando,” the Mexican Navy said in a statement cited by ABC News.

“[He] is the alleged perpetrator of the narco graves found in Tamaulipas state, with more than 200 bodies and the execution of more than 50 people by his own hand in different parts of the republic, [as well as] the murder of David Hartley, an American citizen killed at Falcon Dam on September 30, 2010.”

This is a chance for the Mexican government to be strong and take back control from violent syndicates such as the Zetas.

“The Mexican state under my government has neutralized 25 out of 37 most wanted criminals, that is more than two-thirds of them”, the Mexican president stated in a press conference this week.

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