China orders Wuhan to round up ALL suspected coronavirus patients and put them in quarantine camps

Beijing warns officials who run away from the 'war' will be 'nailed to the pillar of historical shame'


Intellihub editor’s note: The mainstream press sounds more like today. Take a gander for yourself.

From Daily Mail:

China‘s central government has ordered Wuhan to round up all suspected coronavirus patients as well as their close contacts in mass quarantine camps.

The country’s Vice Premier Sun Chunlan called on a ‘people’s war’ against the fast-spreading epidemic, which has killed at least 638 people and infected more than 31,520 globally.

She demanded Communist officials of all levels take active lead in this ‘wartime condition’, or face being ‘nailed onto the pillar of historical shame forever’.

The city has around 14 million residents, but it remains unknown how many people would be quarantined or where they would be kept.

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