China’s COVID19 pandemic becomes depopulation shitshow, no food, no water, stormtroopers on the march

Full-scale depopulation and genocide are underway in China, right now!


(INTELLIHUB) — Society is breaking down fast in China as the COVID-19 Coronavirus sweeps the land devastating human and animal life and that is not all the Chinese people have to worry about.

After watching friends, family, loved ones, and neighbors dropping dead all around them from the virus members of the general public also face being taken away to a detainment camp, a.k.a. death camp, as party abiding police and military, carry out civil rights violations.

In fact, the situation has become so bad that as of Friday some residents of Wuhan were forced to violate quarantine orders as food, freshwater, and other much-needed supplies have dwindled.

However, those who violate the “wartime” quarantine will suffer the rule of law. No mask — no dice.

To boot, communist state-sponsored propaganda is at an all-time high. The military can be seen in the following video doing a promotional shoot to promote the sale of Chinese products to the western world.

To make matters worse, food and freshwater have nearly run out so residents have become forced to share the last few buckets amongst themselves.

Again, disobey orders and suffer the wrath.

Additionally, communist stormtroopers have been on the march as they continue to scout for the infected.

Keep in mind, the same type of hunter-seeker snatch and grab teams have been approved by the Department of Defense for use in the United States to combat the COVID-19 virus.

And if that is not enough, the entrances and exits to all major cities and villages have been blocked.

Citizens suspected of being infected or citizens suspected of leaking information about the virus to the western world on social media are being shacked together and marched to camps, presumably to be incinerated or buried in mass graves which have already been prepared.

Crowds flock to the city. They like the smell of death which lingers in the air. Crows are thought to be a sign of bad luck in Chinese culture.

Crematoriums have been running around the clock. Even apartment buildings have become crematoriums — lit on fire as quarantined residents locked inside burn to death.


And if you think that this isn’t coming to America then you may have thought wrong. A public health emergency was declared by officials in San Diego County on Friday.

Martial law is coming to America in the coming weeks as I warned on Feb 5 in the following video posted to my YouTube channel.

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Contact or @intellihubnews on Twitter with any intel on CONUS military and troop movements. We need to start keeping an eye out of people. The UN is also set to move in. Watch your six and keep your powder dry.

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