China’s top newspaper warns the west about a “Cold War mentality”

Chinese news source calls on countries in the west to “abandon their outdated thinking” and expand cooperation.

By John Vibes

CHINA (INTELLIHUB) — It is obvious to anyone paying attention that while countries like China and Russia have been working hard at enslaving their own populations, western countries having been waging proxy wars against them in the surrounding states that are on the verge of collapse.

Russia and China may have tyrannical governments, but they are not waging the type of full scale, global military operations that we have seen from the west.

On Thursday, China’s top paper, the People’s Daily reacted to the rift between the West and Russia over the political state of affairs in Ukraine.

“The theories related to politics, economics and security during the Cold War period are still influencing many people on their concept of the world, and some Western people are still imbued with resentment towards Russia,” the daily wrote in a commentary.

It called on Western countries to “abandon their outdated thinking” and expand cooperation.

“Ridding the shackles of the Cold War mentality will reduce unnecessary confrontation, thereby allowing for a smoother transition in international relations.”

State news agency Xinhua said in December that Western powers should stop meddling in Ukraine’s affairs and quit manipulating the “opinions of the people” about a trade pact with the European Union.

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