(INTELLIHUB) — According to high level sources, the Chinese Military Industrial Complex can cripple U.S. combat and response operations worldwide, by jamming or destroying U.S. satellites currently in play, using space-based and earth-based weapons technology which the Chinese have been perfecting in recent years.

“China military planners expect to use a combination of kinetic, electronic and cyber attacks against satellites or ground support structures in a conflict.,” Bell Gertz reported for the Washington Post in the late fall of 2015.

Additionally Chinese SC-19 and CSS-X-11 missiles were in fact successfully tested as far back as Jan. 11, 2010, possibly as early as 2007, which means the latest generation of missiles are likely barnburners and pose a grave threat.

The online publication Global Security reported:

The US Intelligence Community assessed that on 11 January 2010, China launched an SC-19 missile from the Korla Missile Test Complex in western China (a new location for SC-19 activity) and successfully intercepted a near-simultaneously launched CSS-X-11 medium-range ballistic missile launched from the Shuangchengzi Space and Missile Center approximately 1,100 kilometers east of Korla. The CSS-X-11 was launched from Shuangchengzi at 1150:00Z; the SC-19 was launched from Korla at 1152:42Z. U.S. missile warning satellites detected each missile’s powered flight as well as the intercept, which occurred at 1157:31Z at an altitude of approximately 250 kilometers. No debris from this test remains on-orbit.

This means that war-gaming on earth and in space has just become that much more complex, and the whole entire playbook that world governments were operating from has been rendered useless in the evolving area.

Do you remember the movie WarGames (1983) with Matthew Broderick? In the film they had a supercomputer that would run scenarios on “Global Thermal Nuclear War.” They would have the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. fire ICBMs back-and-forth at each other, in what would always end in total obliveration of everything. By the end of the film you realized that there would be no winner in such a war.

Now imagine the logic, battle strategy, and planning that governments worldwide must endure do to ever-changing technological advancements.

Gertz’s article also points out the fact that other systems are indeed being tested — and they sound sinister.

Gertz wrote:

“These systems consist of a satellite armed with a weapon such as an explosive charge, fragmentation device, kinetic energy weapon, laser, radio frequency weapon, jammer or robotic arm,” the report says.

The co-orbital arms maneuver in space close to satellite targets and then deploy weapons to disable or destroy them. They also can crash into satellites or grab them with a robotic arm.

When used against an enemy in conjunction with a massive cyber-attack or EPM strike, the consequences of the Chinese technology may be irreversible for a would be crippled nation.

So should America be scared of this game-changer?

Although U.S. government agencies and companies have at least 500 satellites flying at all times in space, not very many of them actually patrol space from a 360 degree perspective as they are primarily focused downward at Earth itself.

However, according to Reuters, there are U.S. space platforms that do monitor for threats, such as “heat plumes from rocket launches and, presumably, maneuvering spacecraft” — if that makes you feel any better.

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