(INTELLIHUB) — In 2007 a Christian Evangelist by the name of Glenda Jackson claims to have “had a vision” in which God showed her that a man [Barack Obama] would “come out of nowhere” and run nearly “two terms” as President of the United States before declaring martial law over staged “Muslim” violence to remain in the White House beyond the allotted 2 term policy instated by Congress on March 21, 1947, in the 22nd Amendment.

Jackson claims she talked to God and that God let her know that Obama had a big plan to stay in the White House that involved Muslims.

Jackson said:

“God showed me another vision, I seen in the White House, it was like I was there all at once watching it. And I saw some Muslim men speaking to him [Obama].”

And that’s when she saw Obama say, “I got to stay in the White House it’s my destiny!”

And they, the Muslims in Jackson’s vision, asked Obama, “So how do you get to stay?”

In Jackson vision, Obama replied:

“Martial Law.”

The Muslims replied, in the vision that they would go out and “stir it up,” intensifying it, “from state to state.”

“It’s the undercover work of the Devil behind it,” Jackson said.

Martial Law “will be in force during the election.”

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