CIA Director: ‘ISIS, now 20,000 members strong, threatens U.S. homeland and allies’

Official CIA narrative contradicted by boots on the ground reports

By Lexi Morgan

NEW YORK (INTELLIHUB) — In an attempt to build up the facade of ISIS, which is actually CIA backed and funded, CIA Director John Brennan addressed the Council of Foreign Relations in a meeting Friday pushing a new narrative by saying that the group has expanded 90 or more countries and now poses a “serious danger” to the U.S. and its allies which Brennan said if “left unchecked” would result in a devastating outcome.

Brennan said the group is now 20,000 members strong and growing as it utilizes technology, the Internet, and social media to recruit new members. In fact it has even been purported that ‘teenage girls’ and ‘kids’ as young as 12-years of age have joined the group.

In the meeting Brennan noted that the “struggle” would be “long-term” and may require “patience and determination”, which in short is code for ‘get ready for a long drawn out money-making war against a seemingly shadow enemy’. After all retired General John Allen already stated back in February that the fifty percent of the group’s leadership has already been killed, contradicting Brennan’s statements to the council, further demonstrating the CIA’s push to glorify the ficticious group.

Although according to Fox News, Michael Smith, a counterterrorism consultant said, “Jihadi groups typically eulogize slain leader,” and so far, there hasn’t been any evidence that high-ranking members had been killed.

However, according to CBS This Morning, the Pentagon is saying something different reporting that “ISIS fighters are being pushed back” by Kurdish fighters “from towns and cities they captured in Iraq” which again goes against the official CIA narrative Brennan is pushing in an attempt to get more U.S. troops onto the ground in the region.

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