(INTELLIHUB) — Former Deputy Director of Intelligence for the CIA, Carmen Medina, told CNBC Tuesday, that she thinks the U.S. is “less prepared” for cyber attacks then we should be.

Medina also pointed out that despite all the advanced capabilities of the CIA, the agency somehow has yet to figure out who carried out last week’s cyber attacks that took down a score of major Internet sites.

“Disaffected gamers” could have carried out the attacks, Medina said, who also left the door open by saying, “Just about anybody with computer literacy could have pulled off the attacks. However, Medina assured viewers that “last weeks attack was not State sponsored.

We should also consider that attacks can also come from “groups associated with governments, if not governments themselves,” Medina told CNBC.

Medina predicts that “you could, for example, have a series of cyber attacks […] on election night, denial of service attacks on State Election Boards and major regional news outlets that would make it impossible for people to access returns,” which would of then result in distrust of the system throughout the populace.

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Image: Katy Levinson/Flickr