Citizen journalist covering Wuhan virus outbreak goes missing

Intellihub editor’s note: Keep in mind, what is happening in China will follow lockstep in the coming weeks in the U.S. at the Coronavirus start to grip our great nation.

The following report from Bloomberg details the direction we are headed as the outbreak worsens:

Over the past couple of weeks, Chinese citizen journalists Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin have served as the world’s eyes and ears inside the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, the city of Wuhan. Broadcasting via their mobile phones, they’ve offered a glimpse of how dire things have been. Many of those videos have been posted to Twitter and reposted on YouTube.

Now one of them has gone missing.

Chen has been out of reach for more than 20 hours. Fang, who was silent much of Friday until a video posted in the evening, was previously detained briefly by authorities for his video of corpses in a hospital. When he filmed the dramatic moment people in hazmat suits broke down his apartment door to take him into quarantine, it sparked hundreds of comments urging the authorities to release him.

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