Claim: Comet ATLAS and SWAN to intersect over northern hemisphere causing EMP

"How random can these two comets be that they are going to intersect over our northern hemisphere in space."

(INTELLIHUB) — The creator of The Breadcrumbs Project gives a stark warning in a video published to YouTube on Monday in which he maintains that Comet ATLAS and Comet SWAN will intersect over Earth’s northern hemisphere causing an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which the YouTuber claims may take down power grids and cause unintended consequences.

The researcher says that comets are electrically charged much like the sun and can affect the planet during their passing.

“We have a strong electrical field discharge from the sun so strong that it can actually push objects,” he explained. “So strong that when another object with a completely opposite electrical field comes through that field and gets closer to the source of that field… it gives off an electrical discharge.”

“That green comet we see in the sky is due to that comet going through the sun’s electrical field which is invisible to us but when the contact is made by the comet we get that huge coma that has developed,” he said.

“How random can these two comets be that they are going to intersect over our northern hemisphere in space,” the man said. “When they do intersect they are going to give off a giant electrical discharge and that is going to be the EMP that affects us.”

According to The Breadcrumbs Project, the intersection will happen on or around May 23, 2020.


The channel’s director says that Comet ATLAS may not have broken up as NASA claims and said: “There has got to be something happening with this.”

The researcher also pointed out that NASA has been awfully quiet about this.

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