Claim: FEMA engineer confirms numerous Earthbound asteroids may pose major threat to inhabitants of Earth


“Catastrophic environmental challenges” lie ahead: FEMA engineer

(INTELLIHUB) — The voice behind the popular Israeli News Live YouTube channel claims that he established contact with a FEMA engineer who wishes to remain anonymous but nevertheless has warned in private communications that a major space-based Earthbound threat may be on the way over the next few months dovetailing with bombshell information that Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas reported back in late-March and early April.

The channel operator Steven Ben-Nun said he was told by a high-level source who the underground news guru claims got the information from White House and Pentagon sources.

“I can’t personally guarantee this information to be one hundred percent accurate,” the YouTuber explained.

“Do I believe that this is coming?” he questioned. “I believe that there is a very real possibility and the sources that I have none of them know one another.”

In an attempt to get his point across, Ben-Nun played a clip of the new sci-fi film Greenland trailer in his July 19 video which depicts asteroids raining down onto the planet from above during an extinction-level event.

Ben-Nun said that he was originally shared information from an advisor to the President of the United States but said that a FEMA engineer recently confirmed with him in an email what the advisor had been talking about all along and said that major “catastrophic environmental challenges” would lie ahead.

Moreover, the YouTuber asserts that the FEMA engineer confirmed with him that our solar system is “going through an asteroid belt of sorts” which is somewhat like being a frog that is trying to cross a five-lane highway but keeps getting struck down. (i.e. like the video game Frogger; Earth is the frog)

Stay tuned for updates.

Israeli News Live/YouTube

H/T: David Wilson

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