Claim: Low flying military flyover in Manhattan was Trump rescue exercise

Military apparently prepping for emergency evacuation of Trump from New York City

(INTELLIHUB) — Early last week reports of a C-130 military plane and multiple Black Hawk helicopters flying low across Manhattan took the internet by storm with dozens of pictures and videos posted by confused Twitter users wondering what was going on.

Now, according to sources from the neighborhood news website dnainfo, we have some clarity as to what was actually happening last Tuesday and why the plane and helicopters were flying so low.

The websites sources claim that the airplane and helicopters doing loops over Midtown were actually conducting an emergency relocation planning mission in the event of an attack or emergency involving President-elect Donald Trump.

Dnainfo reported:

Sources told “On the Inside” that the flyovers were part of an “emergency relocation drill” designed to identify locations, primarily in Central Park, where a chopper could touch down near Trump’s home inside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and 56th Street, and safely evacuate Trump and others from the city.

“It was the military doing their homework,” one source said.

“They were making plans how to remove him, mapping plans and strategizing,” another source said.

In the event of an emergency, the president would be whisked by the Secret Service north to the park, and then flown in a helicopter to the nation’s capital or a secret government site in Virginia or West Virginia, sources said.

The aircraft models spotted during the exercise can fly long distances without refueling and can also refuel in mid-air if necessary, sources said.

While this makes sense considering the unconventional nature of the President-elect staying at a place such as Trump Tower, one has to wonder if authorities have had actual intelligence suggesting an attack was imminent or if they were just being cautious.

The low flying plane was seen across Manhattan last Tuesday, with photos posted directly to Twitter of the aircraft.

At the time, aviation writer and expert Jason Rabinowitz directly claimed that this was “not normal” amid corporate media reports that this was routine.

Well now we know that this was indeed “not normal” and involved directly exercising for the possible emergency evacuation of Donald Trump during some sort of attack or emergency. One can only hope this doesn’t actually happen, especially before Trump’s inauguration.

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