Cleveland Kidnapping: Police Ignored Multiple Calls About “Women on Dog Leashes” in the Castros’ Yard

Multiple neighbors are now coming forward in the Cleveland kidnapping case with stories about how they called the police many times over the years to report suspicious activity at the Castros’ house, including screams and naked women being led around on dog leashes in the back yard.

(Photo: Bill Pugliano, Getty Images)
(Photo: Bill Pugliano, Getty Images)

by JG Vibes
May 9, 2013

The details that have emerged in the Cleveland kidnapping case are appalling, but what is even worse is that this whole ordeal could have ended years ago, if local police had actually done their job.  Police had received multiple calls dating all the way back to 2011 and failed to follow up on some seriously disturbing reports from neighbors.

One neighbor, Israel Lugo, said he heard pounding on some of the doors of Castro’s house, which had plastic bags on the windows, in November 2011. Lugo said officers knocked on the front door, but no one answered. “They walked to the side of the house and then left,” he said.

USA today also reported that:

“Neighbors also said they would sometimes see Ariel Castro walking a little girl to a neighborhood playground. And Cintron said she once saw a little girl looking out of the house’s attic window.

Israel Lugo said he, his family and neighbors called police three times between 2011 and 2012 after seeing disturbing things at the home of Ariel Castro. Lugo lives two houses down from Castro and grew suspicious after neighbors reported seeing naked women on leashes crawling on all fours behind Castro’s house.


Lugo said about two years ago his sister told him she heard a woman pounding on a window at Castro’s home as if she needed help. When his sister looked up, she saw a woman and a baby standing in a window half covered with a wooden plank. His sister told him and Lugo called the police.

Later, Lugo’s mother called the police because Ariel Castro would park his school bus in front of their home and bring bags full of McDonald’s and drinks into his home. They wondered why he needed so much food. Police again responded but didn’t enter the home.

A third call came from neighborhood women who lived in an apartment building. Those women told Lugo they called police because they saw three young girls crawling on all fours naked with dog leashes around their necks. Three men were controlling them in the backyard. The women told Lugo they waited two hours but police never responded to the calls.”

Maybe he should have told the cops that someone was hiding drugs inside the house so they would have actually try to find out what was going on inside the house.  One of the main reasons why there aren’t a whole lot of violent offenders in prison is because it’s a lot of hard work to catch them!!

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Cops get paid the same for locking up a pothead as they do for locking up a serial rapist, as long as there is a warm body in the cell then Dudley Do-Right makes his quota.  And on top of that, there is a greater chance of them being able to seize property in a drug bust, so they are always looking out for those bonuses.  Helping victims of violent crime or property crimes aren’t beneficial in those ways for police, so they often take a back seat to more lucrative pursuits.

So it really makes sense that most cops go into work hoping for a good “easy” day where they don’t get shot at and maybe can make a little bit of extra money.  Human beings respond to incentives, and cops are just human beings. They are not these super human people that wake up in the morning and think about nothing else but trying to make the world a better place, although many of them may have convinced themselves of this much. Just like the rest of us, most cops take the easy way out in their day to day, which basically means letting thieves, murderers and rapists roam free while chasing around nonviolent offenders all day because they are easier to deal with and they pay the same, or even more in most cases.

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