Clinton investigation transforms into three-ring circus on Capitol Hill

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Sworn-in secretly, “in private”

By Shepard Ambellas
  • Hillary sworn-in “in private”
  • Dodges a number of questions
  • GOP Chair accused of “inaccurate statements”
  • Clinton appeared to be well-prepared
  • Possibly rigged

WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was grilled hard and heavy by Select Benghazi Committee member Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo (R) and others about her relationship with  Sidney Blumenthal, former Senior Adviser to Bill Clinton, during a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Throughout the ‘First Round’ Clinton answered questions from the panel, bobbing and weaving like a heavyweight boxer whenever the opportunity would arise.

Boldly Clinton maintained that ‘Sidney Blumenthal was not at all an adviser’ but rather a “friend” who passed along “information” to her in an attempt to “help.”

“The attack on the compound was very fast,” Clinton said just before Rep. Jim Jordan (R) of the Select Committee on Benghazi took the mic.

“Everything points to a terrorist attack,” Jordan said, going on to ask: “[…] when did the false narrative start?”

The narrative about the “protest.”

Clinton responded, “If you look at what I said–I referred to the video in a very specific way.”

What troubles me is that “you knew the truth,” Rep. Jordan said.

Clinton carried on explaining how there was ‘conflicting information’ the day of the attack.

“56 days before an election” there was a “terrorist attack” in Libya and “you can’t tell your own people the truth,” Rep. Jordan said, creating an air of silence in the room.

Eventually Clinton responded, offering a quick laugh before saying that she ‘wrote a whole chapter on that’ in her book.

“I can only tell you what the facts were,” Clinton later said.

“This is all harder to do nowadays–you have to monitor social media.”

Clinton then focused on what we can learn from the Benghazi tragedy in which four American lives were lost.

“I’m an optimist […],” Hillary said just before getting emotional.

Rep. Trey Gowdy takes the floor

Rep. Trey Gowdy soon after came to Clinton’s defense telling the Committee that they should no “jump to conclusions.”

However shortly after he too dropped the proverbial hammer on Clinton, bringing her into a full-on interrogation.

“You wrote to him, another keeper and thanks, please keep them coming,” Gowdy stated questioning Hillary on what she said were “unsolicited” emails.

“If you’re the one asking for information” how does that fit in with the definition “unsolicited,” Gowdy asked.

Hillary made it known the emails only “started out that way.”

‘Some of the information was useful; and some of it was not,’ Clinton said.

Rep. Gowdy went on to talk about the “credibility” of the “source [Blumenthal].”

Hearing turns into spectacle, GOP Chair accused of “inaccurate statements”

At about 1:11 p.m. ET Clinton spoke up regarding what she claimed was a ‘unfair line of questioning.’ By 1:14 p.m. ET more drama ensued after the GOP Chair was accused of “inaccurate statements.”

“[…] why not just release the transcript,” asked Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee prompting another break at 1:20 p.m. ET.


Rep. Elijah Cummings said during a break, “Release the whole damn transcript […] then the public will really see what’s going on here.”

“I want the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” Cummings told CNN live on air.

‘I’m in the Committee to defend the truth, whatever that is.’

Before the break ended Clinton prepared her notes for ‘Round 2.’

An hour later, after lunch…

After munching down a well deserved meal the investigation resumed with Hillary once again in the ‘hot seat’ during the second half of a 6 plus hour session.

Clinton looked well energized, prepared, with her advisers and a pad of notes by her side.

“I want to go to June of 2012,” Rep Gowdy said to the Committee.

For the next several minutes Gowdy explained to communications which took place on “June 7”, one day after “an IED attack on a compound.”

“I’ve got this contrast in my mind,” Gowdy said.

‘How did Blumenthal have access to you but the Ambassador did not,’ Gowdy asked Clinton.

It all comes down to “security issues,” Clinton responded.

The subject of “public messaging” then came up, kicking off a whole new line of questioning.

Later on Gowdy asked Clinton about another email, “Exhibit 70”, which Clinton responded to in “four minutes.”

“The was a back and forth about security,” Clinton admitted babbling on about a ‘separate issue.’

Gowdy then asked a multi-sided question which Hillary boldly defended her stance.

“Sidney was not my adviser” on any occasion; “he was not an official of the United States Government,” said Clinton.

At 2:37 p.m. ET a Committee Member by the name of Ms. Sanchez then took the mic transparently siding with Hillary based upon her opening statements and early on questions.

An email ‘unseen’ by Hillary was then distributed to members and Hillary which talked about a “slimmed-down compound”, bringing up security from another standpoint.

It’s a “balancing act,” Clinton said.

“[…] these are difficult and unstable spots around the world.”

Mrs. Brooks from Indiana was then yielded time.

Brooks proceeded to map it all out verbally, a “summary of the Summer of 2011.” and “the Fall.”

The “compound” in Benghazi was “temporary”; it was not a “consulate,” Hillary said.

This is an issue because a “consulate” would have had an established amount of security and protection.

Mr.s Brooks time expired.

Mr. Smith took the mic pointing out that “we have learned nothing” in regards to Benghazi.

“It’s a difficult balance,” Smith said before yielding his time.

Mr. Cummings then took the mic and listened to Clinton’s remarks about “unintended consequences” and what we’ve learned from the tragedy which killed four.

With a saddened tone Clinton also talked about the “hope” she had for the Ambassador and others during the hours following the attack.

Mr. Pompeo spoke up at about 3:15 p.m. ET, grilling Hillary yet once again, taking no prisoners.

‘Yes or no,’ Pompeo asked, not having any part of Hillary’s long-winded answers.

“I think what happened in Benghazi was a tragedy” but there were many other “security issues” during my time, Clinton said.

Pompeo then asked about documents surrounding “post Qaddafi planning” which Hillary admitted was talked about on many occasions.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth then took the mic looking at “some of the findings of the AARB” and “contract mismanagement.” After all, what’s the right price for security? Hey, maybe Duckworth is on to something.

Hillary then spoke about reality of keeping assets safe and how contracts start at the “lowest price” pushing the blame onto Congress due to failed policy issues which for example prevent “Static Guards” from carrying firearms.

The bottom line is we need more support, “we’ve tried.”

Clinton went on to suggest a “training facility.”

At 3:39 a “timeline” was mentioned by Rep. Peter Roskam along with a few other news articles, including one which Roskam called his “personal favorite.”

“You wanted credit for you,” Roskam said to Hillary.

Hillary fired back telling Roskam that he had it all wrong and that she wasn’t trying to ‘dramatize’ the outcome.

‘The President deserves the credit,’ Hillary said.

“He’s the one that made the decision.”

‘Libya was your baby’, Roskam told Hillary upon the closure of ‘Round 2’

[3:50 p.m. ET: Break.]

So far nearly five hours of Committee questioning has yielded little to no new answers about Hillary Clinton’s emails regarding the deadly Benghazi attack which has already cost U.S. taxpayers $4.7 million.

Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton was sworn-in to the hearing Thurday “in private,” according to CNN.

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