Clinton: Mike Flynn was targeted by establishment for exposing Pizzagate

Clinton and her top adviser mock the Flynn family

(INTELLIHUB) — Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton confirmed Monday night that Michael Flynn was targeted over the ‘Pizzagate pedophile conspiracy’ that he and his son had exposed.

After news of Flynn’s resignation hit the wires, Clinton shill Philippe Reines took to Twitter to mock both Flynn and his son with a pathetic reference to “Comets” and a link to a job application for Dominos Pizza.

Reines not only revealed the reason Flynn was targeted by the establishment but also unknowingly confirmed that the Pizzagate issue was something that specifically pissed off the Clinton campaign to the point where they went on the offensive.

This shocking open admission that Flynn was targeted over Pizzagate was then confirmed by Hillary Clinton herself who compared even talking about the possibility of Pizzagate being real to so-called “fake news”.

For his part, Flynn never actually publicly spoke about Pizzagate but was known to be looking into the shocking claims behind the scenes and his son had actually publicly declared the conspiracy a real story.

As I wrote two days ago in the midst of the coordinated effort by the corporate media to attack Flynn, “While CIA attacks on Trump as a whole are obviously important, this shocking new information is possibly the worst yet, especially when you consider who Flynn is and what he stands for within the Trump administration.”

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“Flynn has a long history of directly targeting the so-called “new world order” and is now seeing the repercussions for his work attacking the globalist elite. Even more important, Flynn has shown a key willingness to listen to alternative media voices instead of simply pushing the establishment narrative on each and every issue. Consider this. Michael Flynn’s son has even tried to expose Pizzagate and remains in contact with certain people in the alternative media which is something the CIA is obviously aware of.”

A little under 48 hours after that was published Flynn had resigned and now we know that not only was he targeted over his stance on Iran, he was also in the cross hairs of the globalist elite for daring to look into Pizzagate.

It is an undeniable fact that establishment globalists illegally leaked key information to corporate media reporters who then published it as “news” and promoted each others work.

This is what the corporate media does and will continue to do as long as their masters interests are at risk.

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