Clinton scandals re-emerge on Fox News, Sean Hannity refuses to back off

'None of these rules would be allowed for anyone else other than Hillary Clinton': Trump attorney Sekulow

(INTELLIHUB) — In January of 2016, Intellihub reported that the Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs from the Russians and had even promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to them along with one-fifth of the uranium ore in the United States. The report went viral reaching millions of people in aggregate and even Fox News’ Sean Hannity ran the story on numerous occasions in recent months.

On Tuesday, Hannity stepped it up further when he aired a new report pertaining to lasts weeks FBI document dump that’s powerful enough to politically lay Hillary Clinton to rest once and for all.

During the segment, Hannity talked about how crucial evidence has been purposefully withheld from the FBI by Clinton and her associates in regards to the investigation into Hillary’s private email server and other electronic devices which were proven to have contained and transmitted classified communications.

“Nobody paid attention to these documents by the FBI,” Hannity said. “How damning are they […]?” He asked.

One of Donald Trump’s attornys, Jay Sekulow, who appeared on Tuesday’s segment, told Hannity that ‘one would think that such information is under scrutiny’ but questioned if it really was.

‘We are certainly not seeing equal justice under the law right now’ Sekulow said. “None of these rules would be allowed for anyone else.”

Sean Hannity raised the issue that electronic devices used by Hillary Clinton and her team were, in fact, destroyed with a hammer and other devices were handed over to the FBI with ‘no sim cards in them’ and the FBI has done nothing about it. Not to mention that Clinton has failed to hand over 13 other mobile devices, as Fox News attorney and anchor Gregg Jarrett mentioned on the show.

“Failure to cooperate and comply with an FBI request and destroying things — that’s obstruction of Justice,” Jarrett said. “And let’s not forget she destroyed thirty-three thousand emails. On March 4th she received a subpoena from Congress saying ‘preserve those emails.’ What did she do? Three weeks later on March 25th, 2015, she destroys thirty-three thousand emails. That’s destruction of evidence, that’s obstruction of justice.”

Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch also appeared on the segment and told Hannity that the FBI just moved the investigation along as if they “didn’t care that they didn’t get the documents […] the computer records.”

Does the FBI even care about Hillary’s obstruction of justice?

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