Clintonville Administrator: I Heard a Large Exploding Boom Coming from Underground


The Intellihub
By Shepard Ambellas
April 8, 2012

CLINTONVILLE, WI — The town of Clintonville has recently been in the media spotlight due to a series of “mystery booms” that have been heard by hundreds of residents.

According to Clintonville Administrator Lisa Kuss, the USGS officially ruled within 5 minutes that the loud booms were caused by earthquakes. However, some local residents have continued to show their skepticism in regards to this official explanation.

Kuss went on to claim that the booms, on a somewhat less intense basis, are still occurring, with residents continuing to phone the local police department in fear.

Calls are still being received by the local police department about the strange booms.

Lisa described the sounds in the neighborhood she was investigating with the following statement;

“I was standing on a cement sidewalk and heard a large exploding boom noise coming from underground and the earth definitely shook. It was more of a jolt where it shook the ground. The second night we were in our utility building in that neighborhood and it was incredibly loud, like a bang or explosion. The entire floor shook below you.”

This statement seems to signify an underground explosion as the culprit rather than an earthquake.

Originally, 2 seismograph devices owned by the USGS were reported to have recorded the “quake” as it has been dubbed, however the booms are ongoing as openly admitted by the towns Administrator.

Once a second large event happened in Clintonville, independent experts were brought in through a company named Iris (notice the Illuminati reference).

6 portable devises were in the area as well according to Kuss.

Kuss says;

“They call it a swarm, a series of earthquakes”.

Residents claim that this was no earthquake. It appears that Kuss could be shilling or covering up something sinister as she seems to appear to know much more than she is letting on.

The residents of this once peaceful town have been left wondering why would this only happen in a small neighborhood or controlled area.

The way that Kuss described the noises was interesting. She talks as if the booms slowly got more distant, almost as if it was a subterranean covert black operation or possible underground base and or tunnel construction activity.

Here is the clip;

Paul Joseph Watson who writes for Prison Planet reported on March 22;

Mysterious booms that have rocked the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin have spread to another town 80 miles away. Police in Montello received reports of similar earth tremors at 5:30am this morning.

“They checked to see if anyone was drilling or doing underground work but came back empty handed,” reports NBC 26.

“Residents from Montello say they’re not crazy! In fact, they didn’t even hear about what’s going on in Clintonville until after they started doing some research online.”

The story of the mysterious booms has now gone viral and is getting nationwide coverage. In contrast to the “strange sounds” phenomenon which swept the Internet earlier this year, which was characterized by recordings of loud trumpet sounds made by breathless You Tube videographers, events in Wisconsin are considerably more fact-based.

Indeed, concern over the booms prompted a town hall public meeting last night in Clintonville and a promise to bring in sophisticated seismic technology to try and locate the epicenter of the noise.

Although Wednesday night was quieter in comparison to previous nights in Clintonville, police did receive a handful of reports of more booms and local reporters also heard the strange noise again at around 5am.

This sounds more like a tunneling path and appears that the progress could be anywhere from 12 – 40 miles per day as outlined by Rand Corp documents for the contraction of covert underground bases and tunnels in preparation for a future event.

This comes as no surprise to me as Bob Tuskin (former Co-Host of My Radio Show – The Intellihub Radio Show) and myself interviewed the owner of a company that specializes in building underground bases and 2012 style 300 foot arks made of steel for the global elites and others.

During an off air break the owner gave me and Bob a sneak peak of the clientele he deals with. eluding to the fact that most are prominent members of the Illuminati, politicians, and celebrities.

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