Close up video shows 2nd shooter firing ‘SAW’ out of a lower-level window at Mandalay Bay in Vegas


Video has emerged from a taxi driver who was outside Mandalay Bay on Sunday night possibly showing second shooter’s position, firing what sounds like an M239 SAW

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Breaking: Video footage appears to show a man inside the venue firing a fully-automatic rifle into Las Vegas crowd

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A taxi driver found herself a little too close for comfort last Sunday night as she slowly navigated her vehicle through Mandalay Bay’s property while 59 people were massacred and 526 others were being struck by a hail of bullets.

Astonishingly, the driver managed to capture video footage of what may be a second shooter which contradicts the current mainstream media narrative which purports that only a single shooter fired from the 32 floor.


In the bombshell video, what appears to be oscillating muzzle flash can be seen emitting from a lower-level window about 7 rows over from the right (north side) of the building and fully-automatic gunfire can be heard which also appears to coincide with the muzzle flash.

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“It seems like it [the gunfire] was coming from up there,” the taxi driver said as rounds started to pop off. “Oh shit! Alright, I’m out of here.”

The sound almost mimics that of an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), as pointed out by Joe Biggs, former U.S. Army 82nd.

“After watching videos and talking to some military friends we defiantly believe a 249 saw was used in Vegas attack,” Joe Biggs tweeted.

The following image depicts a light machine gun thought to be used by at least one of the shooters.

M249 Para fitted with Trijicon ACOG and RFI collapsible stock (Wikimedia Commons)

A detailed analysis of the taxi cab driver’s actual location shows that the driver had just exited the main entrance canopy to Mandalay Bay by the hotel and casino’s main sign and rounded a corner to the north.

mandalay bay roadway
This image shows the path the taxi cab driver took as she exited the canopy near the main entrance to Mandalay Bay on the night of Sept. 30, 2017. (She took the darker lower roadway next to the Mandalay Bay sign and headed north.) (Screen capture via Google Maps)

The driver was filming to the west.

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mandalay bay
This was the approximate vantage point the taxi driver had as she filmed fully-automatic gunfire emerge from a lower level window at Mandalay Bay Sept. 30, 2017. (Screen capture via Google Street View)

An aerial view best shows the actual position of the 2nd shooter.

mandalay bay
LAS VEGAS — The 2nd shooter appeared to be firing from a lower-level window just past the 7th partition from the farthest north point of the building September 30, 2017. (Screen capture via Google Maps)

Another video shows gunfire emerging from a lower floor (presumably the 4th).

Others have suggested that the flashing light may be just that — a flashing light. You decide.

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Video footage appears to show a man inside the venue firing a fully-automatic rifle into Las Vegas crowd

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