CNN Editorial Promotes Global Carbon Tax

By JG Vibes
December 4, 2012

It doesn’t matter which end of the global warming debate that you fall under, you can still agree that a carbon tax is immoral, insane and will do nothing to solve any problems, aside from maybe take care of a politicians yacht payment.

In scientific circles, the exact causes of climate change are heavily debated, but if you listened to the mainstream media you would be led to believe that they were all in agreement, and all believed that climate change was entirely man made and carbon based.

Last month we reported how BBC was getting their whole scientific dialogue on the subject from a totally biased panel with deep ties in government, as you would expect from a network like BBC.

Most of these mainstream sources also believe that a global carbon tax is a good solution, no surprise there either.

Just yesterday an editorial was posted at CNN with the ghastly title of “A Tax we Could Learn To Love”, as if such a thing were conceptually possible for anyone but the person collecting the tax.

In the editorial, author David Frum puts forward the typical fear mongering and government approved statistics before presenting his solution of “more extortion”.

The article suggests that it would be a good idea to:

“Tax carbon. A tax of $20 a ton, rising at a rate of 4% per year, would over the next decade raise $1.5 trillion, according to an important new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

That $1.5 trillion is almost twice as much as would be recouped to the Treasury by allowing the expiration of all Bush-era tax cuts for upper-income taxpayers.

The revenues from a carbon tax could be used to reduce the deficit while also extending new forms of payroll tax relief to middle-class families, thus supporting middle-class family incomes.”

While it is true that the deficit is out of control, the defense budget over the past decade including CIA and clandestine missions is likely to dwarf that $1.5 trillion figure derived from the cited study, but that surely wouldn’t be discussed in the mainstream media.

Anyway, before getting distracted by that red herring, it is important to mention that a tax wouldn’t even solve our environmental problems.

No matter what side you take in the man made global warming debate it is easy to see this.

Not only that but we need to reduce the level of theft that is taking place around the world in the form of taxation, not increase it.

We don’t need to be giving these psychopaths more money to spend on new toys of destruction.

The real solutions are out there and have been out there for a long time, free energy is a possibility and has been since the time of Tesla.

The article goes on to discuss small victories that this measure would apparently achieve, but they seem like mostly unfounded predictions and even if they were accurate it still wouldn’t matter because they are very small in the grand scope of things and still leave the status-quo in tact.

The status-quo, and the paradigm that is being promoted by governments and elites all throughout the world is the force that is destroying the planet, it isn’t the average SUV driver or business owner who would end up getting slammed with these taxes if these kinds of policies were actually adopted.


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