CNN poll shows 84% of viewers want pot legalized in ‘biggest response ever’

By Shepard Ambellas

Interestingly enough, the topic of marijuana legalization has really hit the mainstream, and the rhetoric is in full swing

(INTELLIHUB) — MOX News did a great job of capturing a key CNN news clip posting it on YouTube.

The clip gets interesting when former U.S. Representative (D) Patrick J. Kennedy II appeared on a CNN televised news segment recently, openly talking about how the new legal marijuana industry might start targeting kids. I have to say, at that point I knew we were looking at some type of a new push. But a push for what?

The topic was soon changed as the panel went on to talk about how the legalization of marijuana may become a doorway to legalizing “hard drugs” like cocaine and meth.

One of the gladiators of the panel debate mentioned the fact that the American public likely will not support the legalization of hard drugs as “the culture simply doesn’t support it”, adding some credibility to the show.

Kennedy jumped back in later to point out how minorities are likely to be targeted as well, in a strange ill-presented display as the show evolved.

Other topics that came up during the panels discussion were corporate drug testing, and “impairment testing” for pilots and truck drivers and advertising issues.

“We now have people being tested for tobacco, even though it’s perfectly legal”, said one of the panelists.

But the grand finally and highlight of the mainstream broadcast came when “the final question” was asked: should marijuana be legal nationwide?

Surprisingly, a CNN poll showed that 84% of CNN viewers actually want marijuana to become legalized.

The poll was said to have generated the “biggest response” CNN has ever seen for “the final question”.


One has to then ask themselves: was the poll truly real, or was it fabricated. These answers will remain to be seen in coming months as the media spectacle will eventually reveal its intent.

Remain vigilant.


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