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In total disregard of the fact that the rate of homicides and other violence involving a gun is sharply down in the past 20 years inside the U.S., the Obama administration is doing everything in its will to convince the public that they can keep you safe from the boogeyman like threat of gun violence by implementing gun control outside of law with executive orders.

They are even going as far as putting together a phony “town hall” style discussion to push the agenda.

From Town Hall:

Following his executive actions this week, President Obama will participate in what CNN is calling a “town hall” style discussion about gun control at George Mason University tomorrow night. The one hour show will be hosted by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and airs live at 8 p.m eastern.

But according to a memo sent to faculty and students by GMU Communications and Marketing Vice President Renell Wynn earlier this week, participation in the town hall is by invite only. There are no tickets available to people who are not specifically invited to the event.

“This is an invitation-only event. No tickets are available,” the memo states. “The event is not open to the public.”

This means CNN and the White House are completely shaping the narrative for the event by choosing the people who will participate. There’s no doubt the White House will also be crafting pro-gun control questions that are asked from carefully selected audience members.

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