COG: Full-scale terror exercise in D.C. and surrounding areas Wednesday, entire Senate summoned to White House

It looks like it all may be coming to a head Wednesday, too many coincidences to be nothing

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) is conducting a last-minute full-scale terror exercise in the Capitol region on Wednesday which is the same day that 100 Senators are summoned to the White House to reportedly discuss the North Korean situation.

However, it’s obvious that between this week’s Operation Gotham Shield exercise in New York and New Jersey, the COG exercise in Washington Wednesday, and the fact that the entire Senate is heading into the White House Wednesday to convene in what has been described as an “unusual” meeting, it’s likely that the U.S. government may be anticipating an event to happen here in the U.S. domestically or may be planning to strike North Korea preemptively and is bracing for a counter strike.

Interestingly enough, this Wednesday also dovetails with an ominous message that was broadcast over the airwaves last year. The eerie message which keeps repeating “Trump April 26” was broadcast on 1630 AM in New Jersey in September of 2016 and may have been a cryptic message foreshadowing this Wednesday’s events.

Then there is still the fact that a massive asteroid just narrowly missed Earth on Sunday and a New Jersey Emergency Management team member claims that there is a 50% chance of a meteor strike inside the CONUS on Wednesday.

And if that’s not enough, 9 states in Mexico were put on high alert after radioactive material was stolen that can be used to make a dirty bomb.

The entire press release dated April 24, titled “Full-scale exercise focused on preparing for complex terror attacks to include National Capital Region first responders, emergency managers” reads as follows:

Law enforcement officials and other first responders will participate in a full-scale exercise on April 26 designed to prepare for the possibility of a complex coordinated terror attack in the National Capital Region.

Emergency managers who work together at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) planned the exercise to help protect residents by preparing for an attack involving multiple target locations and teams of perpetrators.

The regional exercise will be staged at six sites in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, and will involve hundreds of police, fire, and emergency medical service personnel and volunteer actors. The locations include neighborhoods in the northeast and southeast quadrants of the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, and Arlington and Fairfax Counties.  Residents in those neighborhoods will be notified ahead of time to expect the exercise.

“Law enforcement officials practice and exercise their skills on their own regularly because that’s the best way to ensure we are always ready to respond quickly and professionally,” said Scott Boggs, Managing Director of Homeland Security and Public Safety at COG. “On April 26, we’ll go one step further and stage a very realistic emergency event involving multiple sites and actors posing as the casualties.  However, there is no reason for residents to be alarmed because the exercise will occur in a controlled environment.”


WHEN: Wednesday April 26, 7:30 – 8:30 A.M.

WHERE: Maryland National Capital Park Police Headquarters, 8100 Corporate Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20785

Contact: Jeanne Saddler
Phone: (202) 962-3250

Remain vigilant.

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