Colorado Sheriff Comes Out Against Obama’s Gun Legislation

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A Colorado Sheriff recently went public standing up for the American people as their rights are being trampled.

by Shepard Ambellas

ELBERT COUNTY, COLORADO — President Obama announced Wednesday in Colorado, that he plans to press the Congress to pass at least one assault weapons ban and stringent universal background checks for the purchase of firearms. This comes after the recent wave of mass shootings that have seemed to plague the United States.

One thing is clear, the establishment has used these “domestic terror” events to their advantage, further stripping US citizens of their rights. The New York SAFE Act is an example, signed into law 1 hour after it passed the senate by Gov. Cuomo in January of 2013. The Act limits the amount of rounds firearm magazines can hold.

Although it is widely publicized that the presidents visit to Colorado is indeed propaganda as we see in a Huffington Post piece which reads, “The trip is heavy with political symbolism. Colorado expanded background checks and placed restrictions on magazines despite being a state with a deep-rooted hunting tradition, where gun ownership is a cherished right. Moreover, Obama will meet with law enforcement officials and community leaders at the Denver Police Academy, not far from the Aurora suburb where a gunman last summer killed 12 people in a movie theater. The president’s trip is occurring in the same week that prosecutors announced they would seek the death penalty for James Holmes, accused of carrying out the Aurora rampage.”

You can clearly see how the establishment has seized on the opportunity.

Recently Elbert County Colorado Sheriff Shayne Heap responded to president Obama’s visit to Colorado in a video message. In the video Heap states, “To enact laws that are both constitutionally questionable and punitive to law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong, borders on legislative abuse.”

The Sheriff points out how Obama flew in from Washington DC which has an extremely high murder rate and tell Colorado what to do.