PHOENIX (INTELLIHUB) — Comedian and the host of the Tin Foil Hat podcast Sam Tripoli threw down for a zealous crowd at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy on Saturday night mixing bits of truth into his comedy sketch in a brilliant manner.

The seasoned comic was committed to his art and displayed non-stop energy to the sold-out crowd during his performance which can only be considered stellar.

Nothing in Tripoli’s set was off-limits and although the room was filled with laughter the comic also offered some digestible truths while on stage.

Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas sat down with Sam Tripoli for an interview after the show to talk about the comic’s more serious side and the agenda of the elite.

“They can’t get rid of the Internet because it will drive people nuts,” he explained. But “they are slowing it down. Everyone I know is having fu*king Internet problems. They are slowing it down.”

Tripoli feels the elites who really call the shots in the world can’t eliminate the Internet entirely because they themselves need it for their own day to day operations.

“The best way to do it is just slow everything down — shadowban everybody,” he said. “I think what you are seeing now is a response in realtime and it’s freaking them out. Like this movement to try to go into Iran — there is instant push back now — it’s impossible [for them] to pull a PSYOP.”

Tripoli also feels the powers-that-be have caused more problems for themselves with the whole Jeffrey Epstein thing by publically killing him after the mainstream media reported the billionaire pedophile had been murdered in his jail cell while under suicide watch.

“They literally caused more problems by killing him than by letting him get caught because the prosecutor was James Comey’s daughter,” Tripoli said.

Shepard Ambellas is scheduled to appear on Tin Foil Hat podcast. Stay tuned.

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