Communism hits Burns, Oregon, elected officials compromised


Elected officials ignore U.S Constitution, law of the land as plot thickens

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BURNS, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — More than one-hundred townsfolk, who’ve sided with Sheriff David Ward’s stance to get the Bundy brothers and their group out-of-town, gathered for a community meeting Monday night at Burns High School gymnasium.

During the meeting PSYOPs were running at an all-time high as leaflets, literally riddled with propaganda, were handed out to the small group of unwitty attendees in an attempt to fully sell them on the state-sponsored objective.

One flyer had bold headlines printed on it which read:

“New Stress Impacts On Our Children” and “How To Help Your Kids Feel Safe During Stressful Events.”

The leaflet continued on to read:

“There are many things in today’s world that can have an impact on a child’s emotional health and ability to cope with day-to-day life. Depending on their age these signs can be different.”

The “signs” were then broken up into three categories based on age groups, “preschool […] elementary school […] middle and high school” further perpetuation fear throughout the community. Once they have the townspeople in fear they can easily control them.

You see, this is an attempt by the government to further undermine members of the community by actually telling them they are in literal danger, even though the fact of the matter is a peaceful protest is taking place, far, far, away from anyone in the town on a very isolated wildlife refuge.

While it may be understandable the townspeople may not want the militia there, they must understand they are only there to serve as a buffer, a moderator, to the situation at hand in an attempt to deescalate. Moreover, in my opinion, the added traffic, publicity, is a positive revenue generator for local businesses in the area, some of which are currently struggling.

During the meeting Mayor Craig LaFollette took the podium with applause, claiming to speak for the entire community.

The mayor said:

“This past week has been stressful and unsettling for many in this community, especially those in law enforcement who have endured threats of intimidation and harm.

LaFollette than went on thank law enforcement who have joined the endeavor the help protect the community before saying:

“We’ve had people come to our town to show support for the Hammond’s–a peaceful demonstration occurred and Burns was a platform for them to communicate their message. It’s been reported that if members of our community did not want militia here that they would honor our request and depart. Our community does not want you here any longer. Please honor our wishes and depart immediately. 

(Applause from crowd)

The mayor then went on to point out his fears that “violence” will escalate.

“Let’s end this stalemate peacefully right now before that changes and anyone gets harmed.”

Additionally, and worthy of noting, radio talk show host Peter Santilli was booted from the meeting after someone in the crowd said that he was creating a ‘disturbance’ which resulted in the loss of the information stream from inside the meeting. Essentially at this point it became a closed doors meeting.

“You are not one of us,” a woman told Santilli, who replied, “I have a First Amendment right to speak, respect that.”

“Bullshit, ” another woman said to Santilli.

“I am not intending to disrupt, ” Santilli told police.

Just seconds later Santilli was removed from the building by law enforcement and the doors were closed behind him and that was that.

Afterward Santilli pointed out while livestreaming in the high school parking lot that he spoke up because the elected official in the meeting was totally disregarding what is really taking place out at the wildlife refuge.

Santilli said on his feed, “I have come to the realization that communism has settled into Burns, Oregon. […] These people wanted to shoot me. I am a dissenter.”

Santilli likened the meeting to tactics used in communist China.

A very important and related article explains what the local officials are covering up.

Main page image: Via The Pete Santilli Show/YouTube
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