Communist #BlackLivesMatter protesters promote killing babies and racism at Austin abortion rally: “I Kill My Kids”

Leftist pro abortion protesters attack citizens and journalists, gleefully promote killing babies

(INTELLIHUB) — In a sickening display of the hard left mentality, members of the communist Red Guard Austin attacked journalists, anti-abortion protesters, and any signs they disagreed with during a protest of Planned Parenthood’s public targeting of the black community.

The “hipster” leftists attempted to use black tarps to cover up signs they disagreed with while screaming about how great killing babies is. During a videotaped exchange one of the Red Guard members can be seen laughing about what he claimed was over 50 babies he had paid to abort.

In the same video pro abortion activists are seen literally stealing a mic away from Infowars founder Alex Jones in an apparent criminal attempt to censor viewpoints they disagree with.

“Alex Jones was assaulted during a protest of Planned Parenthood’s admitted targeting of the black community and all innocent children. The anti-free speech demonstrators were found to be members of Red Guard Austin, a self-proclaimed “Marxist Leninist-Maoist” organization which espouses Communist viewpoints,” reported

In perhaps the most stunning piece of footage to come out of the days protests, a #BlackLivesMatter protester and Red Guard affiliated communist is seen verbally declaring all white people bad. After she is confronted about her racist charged rhetoric, she gleefully looks into the camera and says, “I kill my kids.”


The women also claimed that all white people will be destroyed for only caring about the white middle class. The extreme hate in her voice is apparent during the entire clip.

The above footage shows the hard left mentality on display for the entire country, complete with hate for all white people and joy in killing babies. It should also permanently put to rest the idea that liberals are tolerant. It will also be interesting to see how the liberal media spins the open hate shown in the above videos. (if they even mention it at all)

The abortion protest comes on the heels of damning information that was recently released that showed that Ferguson #BlackLivesMatter protesters were actually PAID to protest by organizations funded with George Soros money.

“A list released after a group of #BlackLivesMatter activists publicly protested not being paid to protest has revealed that the group Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) has paid at least 80 people to protest in Ferguson, Missouri and other hotspots around the country,” reported Intellihub News.

“Sadly, while may of the things that the #blacklivesmatters protesters are protesting are true and are a major problem (police brutality etc) the fact remains that this movement is being used by leftist elites to divide the population along racial lines.

By making the fight against police attacks and killings a racial issue it effectively kills any chance of full reform as a portion of the population automatically supports the cops.”

This country now finds itself at a crossroads, torn between those that believe in freedom and prosperity for all and those that openly want to destroy the country and rebuild it into a Communist haven.

Soon each and every American will have to ask themselves a very important question.

Where do you stand?




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