Congress proposes bill to address the problem of immunity for killer cops

By John Vibes | Free Thought Project

WASHINGTON DC – The grand jury system that is used to judge cases of police misconduct, has come under heavy public scrutiny in recent weeks, after a string of high profile acquittals for killer cops.

For decades police have attacked, robbed and murdered innocent people with immunity, and have been able to avoid even standing trial because they have been shielded by the grand jury process. This happens every single day in America.

However, recently with police under the mainstream media microscope, people are now seeing a number of back to back cases where police obviously used excessive force, but have been cleared of all wrong-doing by a grand jury.

People are now so mistrustful of the grand jury system that victims of police attacks are demanding that the grand jury be completely sidestepped. This is an understandable request, considering that any other human being on this earth would be forced to stand trial if they were accused of such crimes.

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