Contagion: Coincidental nightmare or eugenics dream?

By Sergey Baranov

From the big screen to going live — The new emerging threat

Screen capture from the Hollywood film Contagion, Steven Soderbergh
Screen capture from the Hollywood film Contagion, Steven Soderbergh

(INTELLIHUB) —  When I saw the movie ‘’Contagion’’ few years back, I knew that this would be coming, as predictive programing in Hollywood does seem to be recurring theme. Are these film makers being prophetic or given tips and glimpse into designed future?

Could it be that the Ebola virus, which is just as dangerous as those we see in the apocalyptic zombie movies, was created in a secret bioweapon lab waiting for specific time to be released? Considering the speech given by Dr. Death a.k.a. Dr. Erik Pianka in Texas Academy of Science in 2006 advocating for the need to exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne Ebola virus, I’m having a hard time believing it was merely a prophetic speech.

Now we are learning that first infected patient with Ebola has been brought to the U.S. for treatment in a medical facility with a rather low biosafety level thus making it easier for Ebola virus to escape. And whether taking such a risk for public health was sheer stupidity by those who claims authority or done on purpose, it’s still unknown. However, let’s ask one simple question: who will benefit from a major pandemic? The people who are dropping dead? Or would the beneficiary most likely be the bio/medical/pharmaceutical industry which could now make billions in selling true or fake vaccine?

Who else would benefit from such a crises? The government of course, which can declare a national emergency followed by martial law, further stripping citizens of rights and freedom. After all, the cops already primarily militarized and many FEMA camps are already up-and-running. Besides the two, let’s not forget eugenicists who wants the planet for themselves.

So, as it seems, there is more than one reason to ‘’welcome’’ this deadly virus into our world. As we are living in the times of great existential threats like Fukushima, a highly probable nuclear war with Russia and GMOs and viruses are being released into the environment to name a few, I wonder, if we even have a chance to make it through the turbulence of coming years? Being an optimist, I tend to live with hope, however, as we are moving forward I see my hope shrinking and becoming dimmed.

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SergeyBorn in 1976 in the Soviet Union, Sergey Baranov lived in different countries before moving to his present home in Peru.

He is an author and a political observer who contributes his time to exposing injustice, corporate greed and government corruption seen rampant these days worldwide.

He is convinced that by raising awareness over important issues such as destruction of the planet and loss of personal freedom, true change can be brought into the world.

He believes that through the connection with Nature humanity is capable of waking up to its humanness and defend the right to exist and enjoy a healthy social and natural environment, which according to him is the birthright of each human being.

His involvement in politics has come out of necessity not desire. He would much rather spend his time writing about the nature of reality, spirituality and other subjects dear to his heart. However, realizing the interconnectedness of the whole life on Earth, he thinks it would be irresponsible to ignore these issues. He sees Intellihub News as an avenue to express his political views which have now became a part of his life.

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