Out of control Chicago area police traumatize local family in home


By Kristen Meghan

ROUND LAKE, Illinois (INTELLIHUB) — A Chicago area resident and mother of three had an experience in their home Thursday night echoing a wave of police overreach all across the U.S..

After returning to her home around 7:30 p.m., checking on her children and settling in, a family member of Natasha Slusher heard a loud pounding at the front door.

Slusher yelled down the stairs asking her niece, who was visiting, what the noise was. When Slusher realized it was someone pounding on the front door she asked the person(s) to identify themselves. She informed them she wanted them to leave before she called the cops just before hearing angered voice reply, “This is the police!”

In confusion and fear Slusher opened the front door to find that cops had surrounded her porch. With only a screen door in between her and the police Slusher let the officers know that there were children inside and informed them not break down her door, which was soon after kicked in. Although unfortunately at the time Slusher’s niece was holding a 2-year-old child who was injured after the breached door struck him.

Slusher informed police that she did not understand why they were there as she stood near the stairwell that led up to the children sleeping.

However the police physically moved her away from the stairwell. Slusher then reached for her cell phone and to begin recording the event when an officer initiated an act of aggression by trying to remove the phone from her hands.

Slusher stated, “I am legally allowed to record you as long as I am not interfering with an investigation and you have no reason to be here”.

After a struggle another officer told their partner, a fellow officer, to just let her [Slusher] have her phone.

Soon after the officers proceeded upstairs where they ripped the covers away from the children and lined them up against the wall while they searched in and under their beds.

It wasn’t until after the police left that evening that Slusher found out the police had pointed their guns at the children.

During this incident Slusher and her spouse, Marcos Cardenas, demanded to know why their door was just kicked in and why they were detained in their home as Round Lake Police pointed a gun at Marcus.

Come to find out, apparently, a vehicle in their driveway matched the description from an anonymous complaint in which the person who drove a similar vehicle operates it without a license.

Slusher, who had just returned home from driving the car, declared she indeed had a valid license and that this allegation was inaccurate.

When asked by police, her spouse voluntarily identified himself, however to his surprise there was a warrant for his arrest on record from 2006 for failure to complete community service. While one officer did not want to act on the warrant, another officer insisted and put Cardenas under arrest. There was no resisting arrest and Marcus went into custody peacefully.

Ultimately the officers later attempted to intimidate Slusher into signing a domestic dispute report to serve as a false justification for breaking into their home in which they claimed that they thought they heard a domestic dispute.

However Slusher claims the only loud noise was the officers banging on their door and subsequently refused to sign the domestic report presented by the officer. What she did sign was the paperwork from the EMT report after EMTs were finally called 30 minutes after the 2-year-old was struck in the back of the head upon police entry.

The police found no illegal weapons or drugs in the home.

What could have been a simple question and answer after a peaceful door knock ended up resulting in a door being kicked down, a home being illegally searched, residents being held hostage, and kids being held at gunpoint while children then witnessed their father being put into hand cuffs for nearly a 9-year-old warrant for a non-violent law violation.

Before the police decided to finally leave the home Ms. Slusher informed the police that she feared staying in her home as the door had been broken. Shockingly one officer was overheard stating, “Just go down to Walmart and get the shit to fix it”.

Subsequently a relative was called to come take the children because the remaining occupants understandably did not feel safe after what had just occurred. After all the only thing that held the door closed after the incident was a couch pushed tight up against the door.

Sadly stories like this are popping up all over the country but should never become the norm. No parent should have to hear their 4-year-old explain how the “not nice police” pointed a gun with a laser at their little brother. But ironically society has pushed children to idolize cops as heroes, the people you should call when you fear for your personal safety.

As of this Friday morning Slusher went to the Round Lake Police Department to file a formal complaint even though her children asked her not to.

The children no longer want to live in their home and the family is staying with relatives.

The emotional distress placed upon this family and children is appalling.

Marcos Cardenas is being held in Lake County Jail until he is extradited to Cook County where the outstanding warrant was filed.

This family is facing extreme hardship due to the emotional duress. Moreover the children’s financial provider may possibly lose his job if he is not released from police custody soon.

A fundraiser will be set up to help support this family and their efforts to ensure themselves and their children are taken care of.

kristenmeghanAbout the Author:

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