Convoy of military vehicles “as far as the eye can see”, massive military buildup in America continues


Huge convoy of military vehicles in California adds to massive military buildup

(INTELLIHUB) — As the buildup to Jade Helm continues, new video footage out of Oroville, California shows a convoy of military vehicles as far as the eye can see.

A description on the video claims that the convoy was headed east away from California and that it could have reached as far as Texas at this point.

“A massive buildup, a lot of movement and its undeniable at this point.”

The video also shows military vehicles positioned outside a Texas Walmart and an array of military equipment in Oregon that the photographer noted was much more than is usually at the site.

This new footage comes at a time when military movements throughout the country are being seen at previously unheard of levels. From dirty bomb simulations to Marine preparation for riots in America, something is definitely up.

“Footage taken in late March 2015 highlights United States Marines practicing their riot control skills, complete with angry protesters confronting a group of armed military personal. The Operational Readiness Excercise took place at the Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown, Virginia and included infantrymen and artillerymen with Golf Company and Echo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment,” reported Alex Thomas.

“Interestingly enough, the photos and video were actually released by the military itself in a move that shows that this training is actually something that they want the American people to see.”

“The Marines are training for riot and crowd control on American soil where Tea Partiers and Constitutionalists are constantly demonized by politicians and the media. In the event of civil unrest these same Marines could deploy this training upon Americans,” said Gary Franchi.

Note to Readers: One of the most important things to remember about Jade Helm 2015 is that no one knows for certain what the realistic military training exercise will actually end up being. It may be a massive training event for future civil unrest in America or it could be the reason for that unrest. What we can do now is cover all the issues leading up to the training and discuss what we believe to be the most likely outcome.

There is no Jade Helm “hoax”, the training is public knowledge and will happen one way or another.

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Video courtesy of DAHBOO77/YouTube