Cop, dedicated to his job, clings to moving car’s roof as criminal drives off

Officer takes brutal beating after amazing stuntman-like ride on the roof of criminal’s car

(INTELLIHUB) — An amazing act of courage on behalf of a police officer was all captured on video.

When the driver of a vehicle refused to cooperate with a police officer’s request, he tried to avoid the law by driving off.

The officer tried to prevent the driver from taking off and clung to the front of the vehicle.

As the driver continued to speed up the officer ended up on the roof and held on to the edges as best he could before the driver veered off-road and flung the officer off the roof (can be marginally seen).

The officer sustained various injuries, including concussion, scalp hematoma, scalp contusion, facial abrasions, traumatic wet lung and right knee contusion, and remains in hospital under observation., reads the video’s description which was posted on YouTube.

Source: LiveLeak Channel/YouTube