Copenhagen Zoo shoots young giraffe named ‘Marious’, dismembered his body before crowd of children, then fed him to the lions


 I am literally sickened by this as I myself am finding this one very hard to deal with as “Marious” was more like a pet

By Shepard Ambellas

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (INTELLIHUB) — Zoo officials have taken it too far this time in what can only be described as a grim and unimaginable act of evil. Astonishingly, I myself am disturbed as I write this very text.

Apparently, for “educational purposes”, the Copenhagen Zoo decided to do a little “population control” of its own Sunday in front of a crowd of people, including children.

The Zoo staff shot 18-month old “Marious”, a beautiful young giraffe, in front of the spectators, taking their time to carefully conduct an autopsy afterward.

Marious’ lifeless body was then cut up and fed to the lions as paying onlookers watched in amazement.

Animal lover and animal rights activist Jack Hanna, the Director of Columbus Zoo [not related to Copenhagen Zoo], came forth in an on air interview Monday, detailing just how bothersome this really is. Why the zoo would even conduct an autopsy of the animal if they already knew how it died?

“This is one of the five worst things I can remember in my lifetime”, Hanna said, also pointing out that $500,000 and several homes were offered for Marious by loving third parties to take him in.

Who in their right mind would pay to have their kids see this? This can’t be for educational purposes, it’s unbelievable.

“I disagree that this has anything to do with education”, Hanna said.

Monday the situation escalated further after death threats were made against zoo staffers who cut Marious into pieces the day before.

Michael Walsh with NY Daily News reported:

“There is absolutely NO excuse for the murder of an innocent animal in your supposed care!” wrote Joan Foster from Canada. “Maybe you think this atrocity is educational in your little corner of the world, but remember the rest of the world is watching and is disgusted!”

Johnnie Sheedy IV, of Texas, wanted to know who at the zoo was responsible for thinking the killing was proper or acceptable.

“That beautiful youngster trusted you all, and you betrayed that trust and destroyed him. Tricking him with his favorite treat,” he wrote. “I hope you at least let him enjoy the whole piece of rye bread before you put a bolt through his head.”

The country of Denmark has fallen under fire several times recently, including a few well-documented instances pertaining to the mass slaughter of dolphins and whales.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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