Cops have new tool, radar, that sees through walls


In full violation of the U.S. Constitution law enforcement officers can now look right into your home, through the walls

By Shepard Ambellas

RANGE-R is a controlled item under the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR). It may be exported with proper authorization by the U.S. Department of State. RANGE-R complies with Part 15 rules and is certified by the FCC for operation in an urban environment (FCC ID: YKD-25TWD3000). (

(INTELLIHUB) — Well it doesn’t get any crazier than this as over 50 law enforcement agencies, their officers, and agents, can now secretly spy on you through the walls of your own home in blatant violation of your Constitutional rights.

The systems, which were deployed into the field more than two years ago, have already been used to locate suspects and spy on citizens, with no court orders or warrants, using a radar type technology similar to a construction worker’s simple electronic stud finder. In fact these advanced handheld units are so sensitive that they can detect the slightest movement behind walls up to a 50 foot distance, including breathing.

Although law enforcement agencies will argue they need such technology to keep their officers, agents, safe, Christopher Soghoian with the American Civil Liberties Union says the new technology is “problematic” to say the least.

The device, and others like it, made by L3 Communications, have “advanced capabilities” including drone placement, taking this even one step further as law enforcement agencies can peer into homes from above, with little to no risk, fully undetected.

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Moreover this radar technology isn’t the only tool law enforcement agencies are using to spy on the general public as it’s already known they have used the “Stingray” in several cases to monitor civilian cell phone conversations, gather data and locations, via an illegal interception method which uses “tower dumps”.


The technology tricks your cellphone to make it think it’s being picked up by a real tower, dumping the info from your phone right into a police database.

These Stingray devices are often used at protests to obtain private detains of protestors.

About 20% of all law enforcement agencies have been reported possess this technology.

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