Cops Praise Bill Calling for Respect of State Marijuana Legalization Laws


Today a bipartisan group of lawmakers led by Republican Dana Rohrabacher introduced a bill protecting citizens who abide by state laws regulating marijuana for medical or personal use from federal prosecution.


The Daily Chronic
April 14, 2013

The move was hailed by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of criminal justice officials opposed to the war on drugs as an excellent step toward increased public safety.

LEAP believes that laws prohibiting marijuana finance violent gangs, waste police resources, create distrust between police and community members, and are ultimately ineffective at reducing use.

“This bill is a win for federalism and a win for public safety,” said LEAP Executive Director Neill Franklin. “In a time of bitter partisanship, it is quite telling that both Republicans and Democrats are calling for respect for the reform of marijuana laws. Polls show this is a winning issue for politicians, and change is inevitable. We applaud those legislators who, rather than trying to impede this progress, stand with the vast majority of Americans who believe these laws should be respected.”

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition represents more than 5,000 police, prosecutors, judges, corrections officials and other law enforcement officials and 80,000 other supporters who believe that the war on drugs has increased violence and decreased quality of life in communities across America.

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