Cops ‘prepared to deal with’ protesters outside new immigrant facility

By Adan Salazar |

“My main concern is public safety and protesters,” says Karnes County Sheriff

In response to rising objections from the American public, federal authorities are now transplanting illegal immigrants into small, rural towns in efforts to minimize citizen resistance, and local and state law enforcement agencies are getting in on the action by readying themselves to face-off with potential anti-illegal immigration demonstrators.

Such was the case in the small town of Karnes City, Texas, on Friday, where feds effortlessly bussed immigrants into the newly renovated Karnes County Residential Center located pretty much in the middle of nowhere.


At least seven Karnes County Sheriff’s vehicles, two officially marked and five unmarked, were on standby outside the Department of Homeland Security detention facility, admittedly prepared to deal with any type of civil unrest, should a scene like the one that unfolded in Murrieta, Cali., crop up, in which residents blockaded DHS buses from delivering illegals into their community.

The display of force was greatly overestimated. Not a single protester showed up, but despite their absence, Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva made it clear to Infowars that officers would have been well-prepared to “deal with” them.

“My main concern is public safety and protesters,” the sheriff said. “We’ve got manpower available on standby if it happens, but so far it’s been a smooth transition.”

The sheriff explained local, county and state law enforcement officials had met with the government contractor operating the facility, The GEO Group Inc., and had “a plan in place” to address the threat of people exercising their First Amendment.

“If we have to deal with it we’re going to deal with it,” Sheriff Villanueva explained, but he would not elaborate when pressed for details. “We’re prepared, we are prepared,” he stated when asked if officers would perhaps be donning riot gear and using pepper spray.

The facility is the first in Texas designed to hold immigrant families, and can hold up to 532 people anywhere from 30 to 90 days pending an immigration court hearing, Sheriff Villanueva said. The new shelter is outfitted with a hair salon, a soccer field, a basketball court and flat screen televisions featuring cable TV, and will reportedly operate at a cost of $74,000 per day.

“The first set of families are here already, so they’re just waiting for the second round,” the sheriff told Infowars, indicating an additional busload was on its way. “They started today and they’ll continue until they fill it,”

“I can tell you they’re not gonna let you in the building now that it’s filled,” Villanueva asserted.

Infowars was on the scene when the second charter bus full of immigrants arrived.


It’s clear federal authorities have grown so concerned with the sleeping giant that is the American people that they are now opting to house illegals in the middle of nowhere – hoping no one will care, and that county sheriffs and state and local police will preemptively counteract the First Amendment via show of force intimidation.

Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson and cameraman Joe Jennings contributed to this report.

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