Cops used dead man’s finger in attempt to unlock his phone

Intellihub editor’s note: Police in this country are out of control! This man was shot and killed by cops, then detectives showed up at a funeral home where the body was located in an attempt to get the deceased man’s finger to try and unlock his cell phone so that police could use it as evidence!

LARGO — Most people agree what the Largo detectives did at the funeral home was legal.

What they diverge on is whether it was appropriate.

“I just felt so disrespected and violated,” said Victoria Armstrong, whose fiance, Linus F. Phillip, was shot and killed by a Largo police officer last month.

Armstrong, 28, happened to be at Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home in Clearwater the day two detectives showed up with Phillip’s phone, she said. They were taken to Phillip’s corpse. Then, they tried to unlock the phone by holding the body’s hands up to the phone’s fingerprint sensor.

Lt. Randall Chaney said it was an unsuccessful attempt to access and preserve data on the phone to aid in the investigation into Phillip’s death and a separate inquiry into drugs that involved Phillip, 30. While Chaney said detectives didn’t think they’d need a warrant because there is no expectation of privacy after death — an opinion several legal experts affirmed — the actions didn’t sit right with Phillip’s family.

Via Tampa Bay Times
Featured Image: Screenshot via Google Maps