Corporate media literally hates Trump because he wants to put you first

Globalist media can’t imagine why putting our country first would be a good thing

(INTELLIHUB) — For many Americans President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was a breath of fresh air, the beginning of a new way of doing things in Washington that actually puts the American people first.

For others, including most of the corporate media, his speech was terrifying as it marked a stark turn in direction from one of promoting and pushing a globalist agenda to one of actually putting the American people ahead of global governing bodies like the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.

Comments made on multiple major networks should once and for all confirm to the American people that the media talking heads on their TV are not for THEM and simply do not care how the policies they support hurt hardworking Americans. Not only that, it should also confirm once again that the anti-Trump media will directly lie to the American people with absolutely no abandon.

In a pathetic segment on ABC, Terry Morgan purposefully ignored the fact that the inauguration included the first ever benediction from an Orthodox rabbi as well as the first Jewish prayer since Ronald Reagan’s second inaugural, by ludicrously implying that Trump’s speech was anti-Semitic.

This is the definition of fake news folks.


On top of that, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews continued the purposeful disinformation by claiming that being for the American people first is akin to being a Nazi.

As Breitbart noted, Matthews said, “I’m thinking, when he said today, America first, it was not just the racial, — I mean, the — I shouldn’t say racial, the Hitlerian background to it, but it was the message. I kept thinking, what does Theresa May think of this, this morning, when she picks up the papers? … What if you’re Putin? You’re probably pounding the table, saying, that’s what I’ve been saying, Russia first, Russia first. This whole bullying message to him.”

In other words, the corporate media isn’t worried about the actual American people, they are worried about leaders of other countries while spreading pathetic lies about the president-elect.

Additionally, hard left propagandist Rachel Maddow continued the theme of attacking America first because of a pro Nazi group over 80 years ago, by laughably claiming that Trump’s speech was “dark” and “militant” before going off the deep end of disinformation by stating that being America first has no other meaning but being a Nazi.

Maddow said, “This was a workman-like speech. He — it was short and he went through it quickly, and it was militant, and it was dark, the crime, the gangs, the drugs, this American carnage, disrepair, decay. You can’t imagine the outgoing president giving a speech like that. This president also repeating — the new president, also repeating that our guiding principle will be America first, America first. We know how he has used that as a campaign slogan, that does also have dark echoes in American history. There was an America First Committee that formed in this country, hundreds of thousands of people in this country, some of the richest businessmen in the country were a part of of it. They were formed to keep us out of World War II. They were infiltrated by the Nazis. Many of them were anti-Semitic, part of why they weren’t alarmed by Hitler’s rise in Germany. The America First Committee is something that means a specific thing in this country, to re-purpose it now, not that far down the historical path, it’s hard. It’s hard to hear.”

Apparently President Trump needs to make sure that no corporate media talking head has any psychotic attachments to the meaning of a specific series of words, especially if they have anything to do with putting the American people ahead of globalism.

Sadly, you can expect the next four years to be full of complete nonsense like the disinformation documented above.

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