Corporate media warns of drone attack on Trump Inauguration

Inauguration “is not something I would feel safe at”

(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another sign that the corporate media is pushing the idea that Trump could be killed at the inauguration, the Today Show recently published a report about supposed drone dangers to the inauguration and counter measures being taken to stop them.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The media is raising concerns about a drone bombing at the 58th Presidential Inauguration on Friday.

On Thursday’s “Today” show, a report indicated that U.S. Secret Service has put in place several anti-drone efforts out of concern that an I-inspired “flying IED” will smash into the crowd, or worse.

The report quoted an official from DroneShield, a drone countermeasure firm, saying that the Inauguration “is not something I would feel safe at.”

“When strapped with a bomb, a worse case scenario especially with hundreds of thousands of people gathered at one spot like the Inauguration,” the report said.

Interestingly, this directly lines up with other recent fear mongering in the corporate media, including a shocking segment by CNN that details the designated survivor and who would take the Oval Office if the entire Trump administration is killed.

As we reported yesterday, “The truly shocking report from CNN’s Brian Todd on the “designated survivor” continuity of government program leaves viewers with the impression that there is a real possibility that the president-elect and his cabinet could be murdered at the inauguration.”

“The report details the confusion that would ensue if an attack were to happen as the transfer of power was underway, complete with the claim that an Obama cabinet member would actually take the Oval Office in this scenario!”

Obviously one hopes that nothing does happen tomorrow, but this recent hardcore fear mongering by the anti-Trump media is definitely something to look out for.

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