Covert Texas military drill more secretive than Jade Helm to start in March

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Jade Helm to return as ‘UWEX 16’

By Gary Franchi | Next News Network

What did we learn from Jade Helm 15? More importantly what did the government learn? Apparently not enough, because, in March of 2016 US Special Forces are redeploying to Texas, under a new code-name: UWEX 16 short for “Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016.” Unlike Jade Helm 15, where military contractors and officers presented their plans for public scrutiny, UWEX 16 was approved by Commissioners, in secret, without public input, effectively handing over Bastrop County to the US military without public consent.

When the people are removed from the public debate over military operations within their own County limits, martial law has been declared. In the case of Jade Helm UWEX 16 the citizens of Bastrop County don’t even know.

According to reports UWEX 16 will be even more covert than Jade Helm 15, operating on privately owned properties in the county, and at Camp Swift.

County Judge Paul Pape, told the press, he is in full support of the next phase of military operations,in Bastrop as he indicated, there were “no incidents” during Jade Helm.

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Despite one local eyewitness, Bryan Hohenstein who stated, “We saw a few more uniforms in restaurants and in the Walmart.”

Unfortunately for Hohenstein his response indicates Jade Helm 15 was a successful conditioning exercise. No wonder the military is returning!

Judge Pape’s only concern was the public outcry and paranoia surrounding Jade Helm 15 and hopes the military planners have a better containment policy than last time.

He was clear to issue a directive to Special Forces to subdue the new name for the operation and refrain from labeling Texas as “hostile” territory.

Little is known about UWEX 16 at this time, other than it kicks off in March of 2016 and will be even more covert than Jade Helm.

Unfortunately for Judge Pape and the Bastrop Commissioners the cat is out of the bag. Fortunately for the free people of Texas we’re getting the word out.

We’ll monitor military chatter to bring you the latest on this developing story.

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