COVID-19 updates: Military presence, lawlessness, push for gas bans, gun bans, seizure of private property, and impending martial law

A Nazi Germany-style clampdown on Americans is happening in the U.S. and everyone seems to be missing it

From the 1988 Hollywood film “They Live” (monstersforsale/Flickr)

(INTELLIHUB) — Things are developing fast on the COVID-19 front and there is no end in sight to current government overreach and numerous breaches of the United States Constitution.

The “invisible enemy” as President Donald Trump refers to it has now led to the government actually moving toward banning and criminalizing gun sales, gas sales, and even the stockpiling of essential items in this time of crisis.

That’s right, the Department of Justice recently announced that a number of hoarders are already under investigation will receive a knock on their door from government agents who wish to monitor Americans’ cell phone location data along with their credit card and bank transaction history.

Somehow, almost overnight in the name of “the invisible enemy” the United States has been nearly transformed into an early Nazi Germanyesk police state in which military assets are currently being positioned regional or even a national lockdown.


Right now in Dallas, Texas if you are caught outside without the proper paperwork you will be arrested and fined $10,000 and Dallas isn’t the only city this is happening in either. This comes after a shelter-in-place order was issued on Monday for all of Dallas County.

To boot, residents claim that no warning was given before the order went into effect which essentially confines them to their homes until April 2. However, U.S. government officials including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are now talking about an 18 month-long lockdown for the entire state of New York and possibly the entire United States. Taking into consideration that residents can likely go no more than 2 weeks with their current food stash and on-hand supplies how would they be expected to survive even a full month let alone 18?

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Additionally, it is important to note that the number of cases is compounding and will soon overwhelm hospitals, morgues, and crematoriums across the country. That’s why the U.S. military is currently setting up makeshift morgues outside of hospitals. Existing morgues have nearly reached capacity.

And let’s not forget about the mass graves that I exposed back in March of 2009. They are primed and ready to start accepting dead Americans.

One-third of the entire planet has been put on lockdown due to “the invisible enemy.” That’s why the U.S. government is expecting over 3 million deaths just in California over the next several weeks alone.

Let’s run the math. Shall we?

  • 40,000,000 residents in California are currently under lockdown
  • CDC says 58% of Californians will become infected with  COVID-19 within the next 8 weeks
  • 23 million to be infected, according to CDC (at 58% of pop.)
  • Confirmed 16% kill rate (according to Intellihub exclusive report) (18% in Iran)
  • Even at a 1%-3% kill rate (official story)



Additionally, it is important to point out that President Trump is still mulling shutting down entire FEMA regions and possibly the entire country yet banter at the White House podium still offers hope to American workers who wish to hold on to the dream.

And we can’t forget about the number of National Guard troops who have been deployed. Some 10,000 now in total.

If that’s not enough, superspreaders are real. Anyone who intentionally spreads the virus can now even be charged with “terrorism.”

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The following video was taken in Canada.

Homeland Security officials have warned that terrorists may try to exploit the deadly contagion. Could this be what is taking place in the video above? Is Canada and/or the U.S. under bioattack? Is this what the government is hiding from the people? These are all valid questions. Why are members of the press not asking this?

There are currently more than 177 million Americans on lockdown.

Not to mention, things in Newark, New Jersey are getting real as police try to enforce curfews in the hood.

“Shut up,” one man told the police on Sunday night. “You don’t run nothing out here.”

Curfews in America? Beatdowns?

Papers, please

What boggles me is that everyone is just sitting back and watching it all happen. I mean, grocery stores in most cities are already cleared out and resupplies are limited.

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To travel within locked-down areas you need a “critical infrastructure” pass. If you don’t already have one you likely will not be getting one and will not be allowed to travel.

Now, New York City is weighing closing the streets entirely to the general public which would essentially confine 8 million people to their homes for an 18 month period.

Who will feed them?

What will happen if the president declares a national ’emergency’ due to the coronavirus?

If President Donald Trump were to declare a national emergency due to the coronavirus it will put FEMA, referred to as “the secret government” by some, at the helm of the country and will essentially suspend the U.S. constitution altogether under enacted executive orders.

Several Executive Orders that would suspend the U.S. Constitution are as follows, via

  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.
  • EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months.

Do you still think “it’s just the flu?”

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