(INTELLIHUB) — Let’s skip the introduction. Everyone already understands that the world is in the greatest crises it has ever been before and we are heading towards the economic collapse that will kill far more people than any virus.

According to a number of sources, the mortality rate of COVID19 is varying somewhere between 5% to 15%, depends on the country. The majority of the people dying from the virus are known to have preexisting health conditions. From a million infected people, 50,000 to 150,000 will die. This, of course, is sad news. No one should die prematurely and everyone should be given a chance to live. However, if the lockdown continues until June, the number of deaths will probably exceed the number of deaths caused by the virus.

As of today, 22 million Americans have already lost their jobs in just one month of a shutdown. These 22 million people have families that together amount to at least 66 million people if every person has a spouse and at least one child. Families that no longer can be supported.

What do you think these people will do when they get evicted from their homes? Living in a car or under a bridge becomes their only option. You can beat the virus but you cannot bite despair and hunger. Hunger is by far a bigger threat. Economic collapse can and will trigger the disintegration of society. This threat is just as big as the threat of a nuclear war. These are the true monsters that should be feared more than a virus. A virus is a trigger of a bigger problem.

I agree with the measures of temporary quarantine but the quarantine has to have limits and after a certain time the people have to be able to choose whether or not they want to stay home and die from hunger or go back to work. Those who want to stay home should be able to do that just as those who want to go back to work should be able to choose that as well.

The majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck and millions of people already cannot pay their bills. Here is a chart that shows the extreme spike in unemployment in comparison to previous years.


The Great Depression was a horrific event that has forever left a scar in American history. Until today, it was the worse economic disaster. But today, in just one month of a shutdown, we find ourselves in a situation that is similar or even worse. We can leave the calculation to economists but common sense is telling us that an economic cataclysm is imminent beyond recovery if the ban on movement, work, liberty, and life is not lifted fairly soon. We are now forced into global bankruptcy, poverty, and despair, perhaps for the rest of our lives. Farms and food processing plants are shutting down. This will disrupt the food supply chain and cause starvation.

Starvation will lead to the loss of all morals in society and will lead to violence. Social unrest is brewing worldwide. All this can be avoided by simply ending the quarantine and letting people live their lives. 

Now, let us take a brief look at the loss of our constitutional rights. The most disturbing news so far has come from Germany where authoritarianism is going through the roof and breaks all records. A German medical lawyer who criticized the coronavirus lockdown law was arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward, where she was violently abused by authorities.

Who in his or her right mind can agree that it is OK to arrest people and force them into a mental institution for merely an opinion they want to express? Are we back to Nazi Germany already? What is next? The unelected bureaucrats from the World Health Organization are now proposing a forcible removal of family members from their homes.

The good news that the U.S. senators delivered a letter to announce the investigation of the World Health Organization for the cover-up. Hopefully, this happens before the fascism will break loose. 

More good news is coming from the vaccine front. A petition to investigate Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for crimes against humanity has gathered 100,000 signatures in just five days and keeps counting. This requires the White House to conduct an official investigation. It shows how awake and upset many people are.

Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the whole world but has opposed the vaccine safety commission.

Here is the video of Bill Gates telling the story of how he met with Donald Trump who was considering to create a commission to look into vaccines safety, as been advised by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to which Bill Gates opposed by saying that “this will be a bad thing, a dead end, don’t do it.”. You must watch him actually say it to believe it.

 If you are a vaccine manufacturer who opposes a legitimate inquiry into the safety of your product which can protentional cause harm or even death, does it not cast serious doubt over the safety of your product? On the other hand, if your vaccines are safe, why would you be afraid of any inquiry and testing? If an intent to harm must be proven, at the very least an intent to mislead the public about vaccine safety is self-evident. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a felony conviction applies to the intent to defraud or mislead, which can result in fines and/or imprisonment for up to three years

All this becomes more troubling when you watch Bill Gates gives TED talk called Innovation to Zero during which he proposes the use of vaccines as a mean to reduce the world population by 10$ to 15%. (4:40 minute mark)

We are told to stay home for 18 months until the vaccine will be developed. This, of course, an absurd. If everyone stays at home for 18 months, there will no one be left alive to receive a vaccine when it’s ready. And how a vaccine can be effective if the virus has a tendency to mutate? Does it mean we will be locked in our houses for life?

Meanwhile, the corrupt mainstream media is trying to portray a legitimate concern over the safety of vaccines and people who express it as some kind of tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. The latest attempt by CNN to discredit Robert F. Kennedy Jr. proves the point.

To Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO it is surprising that CNN still exists.

“What I find most surprising is that CNN still exists,” Musk tweeted Thursday following a report from the network claiming the billionaire failed to deliver ventilators to hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic as promised.

Let’s take a moment to look at the mental health crises in America that are at an all-time high.

Domestic violence is on the rise.  

The rate of suicide and homicide are of great concern.


The Psychology Today, even in a time of peace, is stressing the importance of human connection, which has been severed by social distancing and isolation that have been imposed on half of the world.

 “Humans are hardwired to interact with others, especially during times of stress.” – it states the obvious on their website.

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, loneliness, which has been already an epidemic in the United States, is more dangerous than obesity and damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

This was the case before the COVID19 pandemic which exacerbates the loneliness epidemic.

Not to mention that isolation is used in prisons worldwide as a severe method of punishment and/or interrogation.

“Researchers recently reviewed the threats to mental health posed by prison confinement and, more generally, risk factors associated with living in physical spaces that promote social detachment. Among them is hypersensitivity to external stimuli, hallucinations, anxiety, panic attacks, memory deficiencies, concentration issues, paranoia and impulse control.” 

This is what billions of law-abiding citizens are currently experiencing while being arrested in their homes. Of course, their homes are nicer than a prison cell, yet still, the restriction on freedom is equally oppressing and psychologically unbearable, especially knowing, that no crime was committed on their end. I guess, now people know how the wrong imprisonment feels like. An isolation chamber or solitary condiment colloquially referred to in the United States as “hotbox”, “hole”, “punk city” or a “lockdown”, the same lockdown we are currently under. The psychological and economical pressure exacerbated by tremendous fear injected into people’s mind by the mainstream media, that adding to already high anxiety causing panic attacks in countless people. 

And what about children who are full of energy and wants to play? Keeping them home for months is traumatizing and can lead to mental health issues in the future. Like us, they feel like prisoners without cause but suffer more.

Even if the crises stops today, it will take people years to recover their economic stability and regain mental health. The COVID19 PTSD can last for generations. But a total shutdown continues. 

For those who survive the initial face of the crises, will have to face another and very serious problem. What people will eat when farms go out of the business?

Will people feed off one another? A Swedish behavioral scientist and marketing strategist, Magnus Söderlund, from the Stockholm School of Economics, proposed that in order to tackle the effects of climate change, we must “awaken the idea” and break the taboo on eating human flesh. I have to admit that even to me, a relatively informed person who is aware of the new waves of insanity which are rising now on a daily basis, this was hard to believe. I had to ask a friend of mine who is currently visiting us from Sweden to watch the interview the Swedish professor has given to Channel 4. We sat together and carefully went through the 4-minute interview a number of times to ensure that the translation is correct. My friend could not believe his ears. Through the laughter, he has translated the scientist’s talk.

What do we suppose to make out of the Pentagon’s preparations for a zombie apocalypse?

Who are the expected zombies? Are these COVID19 infected patients or the people whose lives were destroyed by the prolonged economic shutdown? The world looks surreal and the current reality is certainly stranger than fiction. In fact, it has become a nightmare from which we are trying to wake up. Even a movie Contagious (2011), which shockingly resembles the current world situation is less scary than the reality itself. At least, after watching horror movies, you can get outside to breath fresh air and shake it off your head. In our case, we can’t even get outside due to a lockdown and even if we could get outside, the observed reality would be scarier than a movie. 

If this wasn’t bad enough, Hollywood is now openly promoting mental illness as something cool and trendy. Mental illness is even promoted. A recent movie – Joker – is a case in point. A psychopath who is becoming a serial killer out of despair is put on the pedestal and portrayed as a hero. Not a good message to send out to an agitated, neurotic, drugged and armed population. This kind of message could trigger losers, whose only chance to get any kind of notoriety is to shoot others, and who knows, maybe to eat them as well. Generation Z takes on another meaning.

Anyhow, whether any of us is correct in his or her assessment of the current world events, everyone should have the freedom of expression. The state of emergency suspends the Constitution but nothing suspends our humanness. Freedom of speech is a human right that is guaranteed by the forces of Creation. We born, we breathe, we speak. It’s OK to wear a face mask for a while to prevent the spread of the virus but it’s not OK to be gaged. 

History is telling us that many more people died from government tyranny than from all diseases combined. I take the Coronavirus seriously and I advise to take all the precautions that are recommended by the health experts. At the same time, with great concern, I observe the growing tendency toward a cult-like, totalitarian, post-apocalyptic world in which we and our children will have to live.