‘Crip God’ Daz Dillinger in police crosshairs after Kanye threat

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department stopped washed up rapper Daz Dillinger on the street Tuesday to ask him about the threat he made to Kanye West

LOS ANGELES (INTELLIHUB) — Self-proclaimed ‘Crip God’ and rapper Daz Dillinger was approached by police on Tuesday after making a threat against Kanye West for being outspoken against the status quo of his own race.

The washed up rapper put a shout out to all crips the other day, telling them to “F**k up” Kanye.

TMZ called the Sheriff’s Department on Monday to inform them of the threat which apparently they are taking seriously.


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“The police just stopped me and asked me about the Kanye West,” Daz said on a video he posted to Instagram on Tuesday. “I’m clean as a whistle […] I’m handling business.”

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