D.C. bureau chief: North Korea strike imminent

Popular political commentator, analyst, says North Korean strike imminent

(INTELLIHUB) — Rebel TV’s Washington Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec warned to his followers on Twitter Tuesday that a strike on North Korea is “imminent.”

“Breaking: North Korea Strike Imminent,” Posobiec tweeted. “From [the] same source that warned me about Syria strikes last Thursday morning.”

Shockingly Posobiac maintains that the intel comes from the very “same source” that called the Syrian strike last Thursday before it actually happened.

The bureau chief believes that Trump’s fan base has become “split” and has become “separated into two camps” after his orders to launch 59 cruise missiles onto an airbase in Syria Friday.

“Trump’s Syria strategy and the rift that it has created within the Trump base. The base has separated into two camps, the #TrumpTrumpers and the #AmericaFirsters,” Posobiec wrote in an April 11 article titled: Trump’s Syria Strategy Explained.

“One supports Trump through and through. The other is concerned with Trump moving away from his America First rhetoric of the campaign and into Middle Eastern wars,” he wrote.

Posobiac offers his take on the Syrian situation in the following seven-minute-long video.

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