DAHBOO77: ‘The writing is on the wall; get ready for biometric entry-exit’

DAHBOO77 uncovers sinister biometric plot

(INTELLIHUB) — A shout out to DAHBOO77 for making a video about the biometric security plans which the Trump Administration has in store for people entering and exiting the United States.

In the video, DAHBOO points out how you can clearly see the following words written on a whiteboard behind White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon: “Finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa.”

“I have said many times that the writing is on the wall and this time literally,” he said. “The truth is hidden in plain sight […] this shows the agenda, the establishment plan.

“They want to make sure that every person on the planet has a government-issued I.D. card,” the popular Youtuber said.

H/T: Tabertronic/Twitter

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