Dan Dicks: The military in Canada is engaging the vaccine rollout

"There is currently a debate on: 'who should be getting it first'"


Journalist and Press For Truth founder Dan Dicks appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Tuesday to expose the current Canadian military effort to train personnel how to rollout and distribute the vaccine nationwide promptly.

Operation Vector is the military rollout — it’s happening now — it’s a multi-phase thing — it started on December Second — there’s a dry run they are having I believe today — there’s another dry run on the thirteenth and then they go into action on the Fifteenth of December,” the journalist from Canada explained. “These dry runs are basically the military practicing delivering the vaccines because they say that the first dose has to be held at extremely low temperatures.”

It’s all about the logistics of getting the vaccine spread around quickly Dicks explained.

It’s a U.N former NATO general who is in charge of the vaccine rollout here in Canada,” he said. “So, it’s certainly not a conspiracy theory or just this idea that this may be happening — no, no, no — this is happening the military is currently engaging the vaccine rollout.”

Dicks said the current debate among the general public is: “who should get the vaccine right now?”

Source: The Shepard Ambellas Show #73: Dan Dicks Talks Canada — Covid-1984 and Censorship