Daniel Ameduri: Gold, silver and electronic currencies


Have you ever had someone get in your wallet and dig around? Uncomfortable, right? Even if it’s your spouse, you probably don’t like it very much.

Holding gold and silver keeps people out of your wallet! No need to look, there’s nothing to find.

Over the past few months we have continued reporting on the mining sector of gold and silver. There has been some conflicting information regarding the mining production for 2015 as we have heard mining production is up and down . It seems there are two sides to the coin and one doesn’t necessarily transfer to the other.

I sat down with Daniel Ameduri, Future Money Trends, to try to sort out what is happening in the resource sector, specifically, silver and gold mining, as Daniel is in close contact with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. The people Daniel calls friends and colleagues reads like a who’s who of the resource sector. When you are in close contact with this level of business you had better understand what is happening, otherwise, these people are busy and don’t want to be bothered!! Daniel knows his business.

It seems minings two sides are diverging one from another. The base metals, copper, zinc and lead, which also produce approximately 70% of the global silver supply, are declining in output as our global economy sinks further into the great recession. On the other hand, you have the primary silver and gold mining operations who are producing on all cylinders.

Here in the 21st century I feel confident a lot of people, especially the average citizen under the age of 40, asks the question, who cares? These people are not gold or silver bugs and could care less about mining, mining production or gold and silver. The only gold that means anything to them is their jewelry and the gold is secondary, at best, to the gem stones or whatever is being held by the gold.

“Gold is money and everything else is credit.” – JPMorgan

Those that have had the reality of gold wiped from their collective thoughts and memories should be ashamed of themselves. Gold is money, Federal Reserve Notes, aka US Dollars, are a poor representation of money and credit/debit cards/smartphones are an illusion of money. What most people refer to as money is merely fiat currency and has nothing to do with money.

The people over age 40 have failed, in a miserable way, to teach their children what money is, what currency is and why gold and silver are important. This failure is going to leave our children, grandchildren and all generations henceforth a slave to the state. Their digital currency, even more worthless than the paper dollars currently in their wallet, will be used as a weapon against them. This weapon will have the power to wipe them out with the push of a button.

If you look at mining, which produces something – in this case we are discussing the production of gold and silver – these mining operations are literally digging money out of the ground and delivering it to the market place. This builds value into these metals that can be transferred to other items of value. You can not do that with digits on a screen or a piece of plastic swiped in a computer. Yes, you can purchase items with digits on a screen, but you can not transfer the value of the item to your screen. Understanding the difference between value and price is what makes the difference between being wealthy and being poor. If one doesn’t understand the difference it may be a good time to do a little research so that the difference is understood – it is important and it may help to have the much needed conversation about money, value and currency.

Digital currency is coming wether we like it or not. Our system has been grooming us for the past couple of decades to accept it without much of a fight and as technologies continue to mature it only makes sense that our currency would move in that same direction. I don’t like it and I feel confident many of you don’t like it either. Our human dignity, sovereignty and freedom will be lost with the loss of our hard currencies. Dystopia will be the new world; totalitarianism will be the new law and the oligarchs wildest dreams will be fulfilled. Hunger Games, Matrix, Divergent and a great many other movies and books have painted the picture quiet clearly – slaves vs oligarchs; technology vs sticks and stones.

I began this dialogue by asking how you felt about having someone rummage through your wallet. What if they were always in your wallet? This is what electronic currency brings to the table – ever present, knowing our every move, our every interaction and has complete control of our financial world. Step out line – zap! – financially wiped out. Got physical?

Via Daily Coin

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